O'Wisp MM3
O'Wisp's appearance from McBoo's Mansion 3.
Full Name O'Wisp
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Location Boo Woods
Class Villain
Main Weapon(s) Fire
Vulnerable To Water
Latest Appearance McBoo's Mansion 3

O'Wisp is a villain in the McBoo series that is the main rival of O'Lantern. He is a small flame that can enlarge himself at any time and has upside down eyes of O'Lantern.


McBoo's Mansion Wii

O'Wisp first appears in McBoo's Mansion Wii as a villain along with Tranzformez. He is revealed to be O'Lantern's flame and was originally controlling him but was removed from his body because he was making O'Lantern evil. O'Wisp then hated O'Lantern and wanted to destroy him ever since.

McBoo's Mansion 3

Character Name Description
O'Wisp MM3 O'Wisp A while back, in his childhood, O'Lantern was evil and controlled by a flame inside of him, O'Wisp. He was soon removed by doctors because he caused to much damage. O'Wisp wanted revenge on O'Lantern even since then.