Current Age 16
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) The Burner
First Appearance Gone Unleashed

Nyx is one of a few antagonists introduced in Gone Unleashed, and is viewed as the polar opposite of Zonas, like how Comma is to Sinicini and how Tomma is to Adexene. In contrast to Zonas who is lonely and self-depreciative, Nyx is self-gloating, aware, and intimidating, and works as a police officer along with her crewmates, known collectively as the Perplexi. She is known for her breakouts of insanity, going to the max limits to ensure her goals are met, even if it means killing herself in the process.


Nyx is a human with a white skin tone, being tall, standing at 6'5", and weighs about a hundred and ten pounds. She has black hair in the form of a ponytail, wears a clean and luxurious white coat with white shorts, and tattoos with the symbols of death (skulls; etc) on her arms and legs. She wears square glasses to contrast with Zonas' reading glasses. She holds two red guns in her hands and has tall grey boots with cleats at the bottom.


While she shares little in common with Zonas in terms of personality, she is actually rather ordinary as well without a power and deep running emotion stored in her mind. She looks simple enough to look and dress like a man (usually involving changing her hairstyle), and can disguise well just like Zonas. However, she cannot stutter and has a wider vocabulary, making her less vulnerable to getting caught. However, she cannot hide her voice too well, which can be faulty for her.

She has two weapons at the hand, namely, two Burners. Unlike Zonas' Freezers, they are harmful and burn on contact, often setting the opponent on fire. Once someone is set on fire, they have to get themselves doused with water or they will burn to death. If the burners attack from point-blank range, their burns will hurt forever, and if towards the heart or chest, that person is more than likely going to die. As she is malevolent, she can fire at will and at any moment.


Nyx is self-gloating, a bragger, and always convinced regardless of situation that she is the best and is always right. She knows little about her real self and treats herself like she's a goddess, and wishes for people to treat her as such. She is willing to let go of the negative things she's done in the past and actually lie about them to others so that she looks like a victim, requesting help. Deep hidden in her is a secret, insane inside that sometimes activates, which can cause her to kill even her friends, and lead up to the lust that she will do whatever it takes to accomplish her goals, even if it means she will die in the process. She is quite malevolent and does not hold back.

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  • Nyx's name was inspired by Nyx Avatar's name from Persona 3.