Nyan Cat Adventures
Developer(s) Originally Scrapple Rebuilt But now Yolo Games
Publisher(s) Nyan Cat Inc.
Platform(s) Originally Scrapple2014 But now Kibian
Release Date(s)
Comming Soon
Single player,multiplayer,fighting mode(online and offline)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Adventure
Series No series
Media Included Kiba Disk

Nyan Cat Adventures is a game released by Scrapple Rebuilt for Nyan Cat Inc. An anime series is being produced by Disney XD Work has been halted while we convert the game for Kibian software. Creator doesn't care that this isn't Nyan Cats Popular Point he will still make it :)


Thousands of years ago,two brothers named Tac(now known as Tac-Nayn)and Nacky(now known as Nyan-Cat) lived in the wonderful world of Rainbow Town(now known as Rainbow Land). The bros were masters at ping-pong.One day in the year 2004,the bros were playing a round.Loser buys the winner 2 Hershey's bars. It came down to a tied score of 20-20,or SUDDEN DEATH.Nyan served and earned the final point. Tac was furious, and somehow died of embaresment. He was possessed by an evil beast and transformed into a evil lord of the race against the Nyans... The evil Tac-Nayns! He hypnotized most Nyans, and killed them. But Nacky survived, along with his new best friends, Fiesta and Starry. Tac renamed himself Tac-Nayn, after his race, and raged war against the Nyans for 10 years.Now, Nacky and his friends must defeat Tac-Nayn to restore peace to Rainbow Land forever... And peace inside Tac-Nayns heart.


  • Nacky/Nyan-Cat is the main protagonist of Nyan Cat Adventures. He is a young Nyan Poptart Cat,and the last of them. He is the only Nyan with the strength and power to defeat Tac-Nayn's.In game,he is only controlled by player one
  • Fiesta/Fiesta-Dog is a Nyan Taco Dog. He owns a Rainbow Cannon,and uses it to fight Tac-Nayn's. In game,he is only controlled by player two
  • Stary/Star-Sheep
  • Tac/Tac-Nayn
  • Spirt of Possession
  • President Nyaos


  • Unlike Scribblenauts, Nyan Cat Adventures was not used for copyright abuse, because they bought allowance to use Nyan Cat and friends beforehand
  • The title is the same meaning in all language
  • The names are cheesy

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