Developer(s) Peanutjon(talk)
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Genre(s) Adventure
Spinoff(s) Nutz & Terry at the Olympic Games
First Game Super Nutzo
Most Recent Game Super Nutzo
Nutzo is a series starring Nutz the Squirrel. It is one of Peanutjon's few original series.


Super Nutzo

Super Nutzo is the first game in the series. In it, Nutz and his friends chase after the Chipmunk King, who has stolen all of their acorns.

Nutz & Terry at the Olympic Games

Nutz & Terry at the Olympic Games is the first spinoff. It is a crossover between Nutzo and Terry the Koopa.

Nutzo: Quest

Nutzo: Quest is the second game in the series. In it, Nutz's new friend Cheeko's friends are kidnapped by the Chipmunk King, so Nutz and co. help her save them.



Main Article: Nutz

Nutz is the main character of the series.


He is a brave squirrel who helps protect the squirrel colony. He is based off of Peanutjon.


Oake (pronounced Oh-kee) is Nutz's best friend. Oake assists in most of Nutz's adventures and is much calmer than most of Nutz's friends. He is based off of one of Peanutjon's RL friends.



Kate, originally called Liv.

Kate is another one of Nutz's best friends. Kate isn't as close to Nutz as Oake is, but still hangs out with him occasionally. She enjoys having fun, but doesn't like going on the adventures. She is based off of one of Peanutjon's RL friends. She was once named Liv, but was changed to Kate.


Karritz is Nutz's last best friend. He is the wildest of the group, and enjoys adventures more than the others. Unlike the others, who are squirrels, Karritz is a rabbit. He is based off of one of Peanutjon's RL friends.

Queen Squirrel III

Queen Squirrel is the ruler of the squirrel colony. She is very concerned about her squirrels' safety and always makes sure there is enough nuts for everyone to eat. She is based off of Peanutjon's grandmother.

Chipmunk King

The Chipmunk King is Nutz's rival. He is the ruler of the chipmunks, who are the enemies of the games.


Frank is a weiner dog and the only friendly dog in the game. He allows Nutz and co. to ride on him.




Cheeko is Nutz's newest friend, introduced in Nutzo: Quest. Her friends were kidnapped, so Nutz decides to help her rescue them.


Ratz is a rival of Nutz. He is one of the chipmunks, and is the exact opposite of Nutz. He's introduced in Nutzo: Quest.


Butch is a bulldog and one of the bosses from Super Nutzo. He likes eating squirrels and tries to eat Nutz and co.

Cuddly Cutie

Cuddly Cutie is a very small girl and one of the bosses from Super Nutzo. She wants to have Nutz and co. as her pets.



Chipmunks are the main enemies. They try to steal the Squirrel Colony's nuts.

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