Nutz is a brown squirrel from the upcoming Nutz series.

Current Age Unknown
Date of Birth Unkown
Gender Male
Location Unkown
Current Status Alive
Oake, Liv
Main Weapon(s) Tail
Ability/ies Attacking with his tail, turning into a Flying Squirrel, getting really angry
Vulnerable To Anger
First Appearance Upcoming Nutz Game


Nutz is very helpful. He is usually well-liked, and typically gets along well with everyone. However, occasionally, his last button is pushed and he can go total destruction.


Nutz looks like a typical brown-colored squirrel- he stands on his hind legs typically (unless he wants to go fast) and wears a white t-shirt with blue shorts. His tail is usually plastered against his back, but when he gets angry, it puffs up to the size of the rest of him (plus a little). While angry, his eyes also turn red (instead of black) and his ears fold all the way down.


Nutz is relatively speedy. He can also use his tail to slow his fall (like Dixie or Tiny with their ponytails). When he eats an ultra acorn, he can gain membranes and fly- in other words, he becomes a flying squirrel. When he gets angry, he can claw things.

Relationships with Other Characters

  • Ratz - Ratz is Nutz's rival. They do not get along very well.
  • Oake - Oake is Nutz's best friend. They work together a lot.
  • Kate - Kate is Nutz's other best friend. Like Oake, she works with Nutz a lot.
  • Karritz - Karritz is Nutz's other best friend. Like Oake and Kate, he works with Nutz a lot.