Nutrímon Red and Green Versions
Developer(s) Game Freak
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) RPG
Series Nutrímon

Nutrímon Red Version and Nutrímon Green Version, more commonly referred to as Nutrímon Red and Green, are two turn-based RPG games developed by Game Freak and Blizzard Studios. It was published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS in the November of 2016. Both games are first in the Nutrímon game series, a collection of food-based Pokemon spin-offs.



Note that the player has the option of choosing their name and gender, but for the purpose of this summary, the player will be automatically given the gender male and the default name of Graham. The player's rival will always be the opposite gender of the player, and in this case she will be given the default name of Cherry.


Battle System

Type Chart

× Defending type
Sweet Sour Salt Fruit-0 Dairy Veggie Meat-0 Grain Nut-1 Fat Oil-0 Frozen Heated Water-0

Sweet ½× 1x 1x 1x ½× ½×
Sour 1x ½× 1x ½× 1x 1x
Salt 1x 1x ½× 1x ½× ½×
Fruit-0 1x 1x 1x ½× 1x 1x ½× ½× 1x
Dairy 1x ½× 1x ½× 1x 1x ½×
Veggie 1x 1x ½× 1x ½× ½× ½× 1x
Meat-0 1x 1x 1x ½× 1x ½× 1x
Grain 1x ½× 1x 1x ½× 1x ½× ½×
Nut-1 1x ½× 1x ½× ½× 1x 1x ½× ½× ½× ½×
Fat 1x 1x 1x ½× 1x 1x ½× 1x
Oil-0 1x ½× 1x ½× 1x ½× 1x
Frozen 1x 1x 1x 1x ½× ½×
Heated 1x 1x ½× ½× 1x
Water-0 1x ½× ½× ½× 1x 1x ½×


#001 Meloknight - #051 Cherrim

No. Nutrímon Nutrídex Entry Type(s)
#001 Meloknight It is very easily-angered and does not appreciate being attacked. It is highly recommended to be careful with this Nutrímon. Fruit-0
#002 Melonox It is highly recommended not to startle it if you do not want to be hit with melon slices emitting from the cannon on its back. Fruit-0
#003 Melocannon This Nutrímon is equipped with two melon-crafted cannons. If it charges up the melon juice, it can shoot it at its enemies to hurt them. Fruit-0
#004 Creamon This Nutrímon is very rare and is only found in icy areas. It attacks using ice and frost, as well as its squishy but trap-like body. Dairy Frozen
#005 Sundairy This Nutrimon likes to attack its opponents with various ice cream flavors. The flavors it is tells how close it is to evolution. When it becomes chocolate, it is almost ready to evolve. Dairy Frozen
#006 Chocolish This Pokémon can simply freeze its prey by touching them, due to its extremely cold temperature. It can shoot full scoops of ice cream, which can trap its opponents while freezing them in the process. Dairy Frozen
#007 Beanlett Although small, this Nutrímon is extremely fast and can deal out lots of damage when its enemies don't expect it. They are usually found in large groups. Veggie
#008 Cybean This hybrid of a bean and robot can shoot harmful lasers from its eyes. It is said that if it eats too much, it will release disgustingly smelly and dangerous gas. Veggie
#009 Robobean Now more of a robot than a bean, this Nutrímon is not to be underestimated. It can shoot huge beans out of its mouth, and its lasers are huge. Veggie
#010 Crumlin It is quite weak, but very fast at the same time. It is difficult for its predators to catch it because of its small size and speed. Grain
#011 Crumloaf After evolving, Crumloaf gains a large patch of butter on its back. It can be thrown at the ground, causing opponents to slip when they run over it. Grain Oil-0
#012 Pretzelon It is very defensive and timid. When threatened, it shoots salt in its enemy's eyes to harm them. It takes some time to warm up to its trainers. Grain Salt
#013 Pretzelarge After becoming huge and dangerous, this Nutrímon is no longer timid, and instead offensively attacks its foes and prey. It still uses defensive tactics from time to time. Grain Salt
#014 Pixick This speedy Nutrímon is equipped with a Pixie Stick that it uses as a sword. It is able to weave past large opponents and strike them from behind. Sweet
#015 Sweepix Even more threatening than before, Sweepix has two Pixie Stick swords rather than one, which allows it to deal out twice the damage. It is feared by many. Sweet
#016 Leamoni This Nutrímon is a common first-catch for a new trainer. Leamoni can shoot Lemon Juice out of its hands to temporarily blind other Nutrímon. Fruit-0 Sour
#017 Limelie It is the partly evolved form of Leamoni. Legend says that Limelie can fly through the air by propelling lime juice out of its feet. Fruit-0 Sour
#018 Lemolime This Nutrímon is the final form of Leamoni. It is a half Leamoni, half Limelie fruit. Both parts are known to fight for complete control of the body. Fruit-0 Sour
#019 Tatetie Tatetie has eyes all around its body, which give Tatetie 360 degree vision. This allows it to see attackers sneaking up from behind. Veggie
#020 Chitatetie Chitatetie is the evolved form of Tatetie. Its bag-like hands allow it to shoot potato chips at the speed of bullets, although this takes time to recharge. Veggie Salt
#021 Chocobun Chocobun is a good housepet for young trainers, as it is very docile. Its powerful legs let it jump very high. Sweet
#022 Chocobit Chocobit is the evolved form of Chocobun. Its large ears can work as a propeller to shoot chocolate everywhere. Sweet
#023 Frylot Frylot's stinky breath can cause small plants to wither away and die, which is why it is recommended to stay away from this Nutrímon if possible. Fat Oil-0
#024 Fryalon Unlike its pre-evolution, Fryalon no longer has to depend upons its toxic breath to deal with foes. It now has a large javeline-like fry that it uses to attack foes. Fat Oil-0
#025 Fryaheath This Nutrímon is quite possibly one of the ugliest Nutrímon of them all. Fryaheath is easy to track due to the rancid odor that follows it around. Fat Oil-0
#026 Gurm TBA Sweet
#027 Gumither TBA Sweet
#028 Surmy TBA Sour Sweet
#029 Surmifly TBA Sour Sweet
#030 Chonutty TBA Nut-1 Sweet
#031 Canutty TBA Nut-1 Sweet
#048 Berrubi Berrubi prefers to live in wet climates, which is why many trainers tend to find it around lakes. It is the counterpart to Cherubi. Fruit-0
#049 Berrymore If it begins to rain, this Nutrímon will open up two large leaves to catch the falling water. Once it has absorbed enough, Berrymore will grow to a great size. Fruit-0
#050 Cherubi Sunlight colors it red. When the small ball is drained of nutrients, it shrivels to herald evolution. It is the counterpart to Berrubi. Fruit-0
#051 Cherrim If it senses strong sunlight, it opens its folded petals to absorb the sun's rays with its whole body. This allows it to transform into its Sunshine Form. Fruit-0

#052 ??? - #101 Exeggutor

No. Nutrímon Nutrídex Entry Type(s)
#100 Exeggcute Its six eggs converse using telepathy. They sometimes bicker and sometimes get along. It has psychic abilities and telekinesis. Meat-0
#101 Exeggutor This unusual creature is known as "The Walking Jungle". It, like its pre-evolution Exeggucte, has powerful psychic abilities. Meat-0 Fruit-0

#102 Orangling - #151 Burgling

No. Nutrímon Nutrídex Entry Type(s)
#102 Orangling This Nutrímon has a lot of energy along fast attacks. It has a defensive characteristic that makes it immune to water attacks. Fruit-0
#103 Orangeyser Orangeyser likes to attack with oranges, mostly with cannons made of leaves. It can also turn invisible if it starts raining or a thunderstorm takes place. Fruit-0
#104 Orangrand This Nutrímon can surround itself in a mist of water in order to heal a little bit of its health. In addition, it can fire large orange bombs from the cannon on its back. Fruit-0
#105 Mealbite M The male version of this Nutrímon resembles a pizza. However, its spider-like body makes it a feared predator, as it can climb up walls with ease, jump on its prey, and trap them. Dairy Grain
#1065 Pizzacrunch The male version of this Nutrímon resembles a pizza just as much as its pre-evolution. Its larger body and new pepperoni glaives make it a feared Nutrímon. Dairy Grain
#107 Mealbite F The female version of this Nutrímon is so much more different form its male version that it is classified as a different Nutrímon. Its pie-like body allows it to shoot cream and nuts at its enemies. Sweet Grain
#108 Piecrunch The female version of this Nutrímon resembles a pie just as much as its pre-evolution. It's full-pie size body is very dangerous. Sweet Grain
#134 Cakemite TBA Heated Fat
#135 Gigacake TBA Heated Fat
#136 Critoast TBA Heated Grain
#137 Toastiton TBA Heated Grain
#143 Popsicrush Frozen
#144 Popsicrash Frozen
#145 Popsiking Frozen
#146 Almound Almound is an incredibly bulky Legendary Nutrímon. It is dressed like a sumo wrestler, and its main tactic is ramming into opponenets. It is part of the Legendary Fighting Trio and is released if Meloknight is picked as the starter. Dairy Nut-1
#147 Shockolli Unlike Almound and Punchief, Shockolli does not rely upon pure strength to defeat its opponents. Instead, it uses psychic abilites to defeat its foes. It is part of the Legendary Fighting Trio and is released if Creamon is picked as the starter. Veggie Frozen
#148 Punchief This Legendary Nutrímon is a powerful puncher, wearing boxing gloves, but it is fragile due to its pitcher-like appearance. It is part of the Legendary Fighting Trio and is released if Beanlett is picked as the starter. Fruit-0 Water-0
#149 Ketchupower This Legendary Nutrímon is feared by many. It is amongst the strongest Nutrímon, and its ketchup blasts can permanently damage eyes. Sour
#150 Mustardash This Legendary Nutrímon hides away, unlike its counterpart Ketchupower. Legend says that its toxic spray will eat foes from the inside out. Sour
#151 Burgling Currently the only known Mythical Nutrímon. It is so diverse in terms of attacking that not only does it learn various types of attacks naturally, but can also learn every TM. Meat-0 Grain

Notable Trainers


The story takes place in the small town of Vealish, a famous city known for its wide variety of food and restaurants. Vealish is also known for the creatures known as Nutrímon that inhabit the town. When they're not eating, the townspeople enjoy catching different types of Nutrímon and battling each other.

Version Exclusives

Nutrímon Red Version

No. Nutrímon Type
#050 Cherubi Fruit-0
#051 Cherrim Fruit-0
#026 Gurm Sweet
#027 Gumither Sweet

Nutrímon Green Version

No. Nutrímon Type
#048 Berrubi Fruit-0
#049 Berrymore Fruit-0
#028 Surmy Sour Sweet
#029 Surmifly Sour Sweet


TM/HM List

TM Move Type Cat. Pwr. Acc. PP Description
Bag TM Psychic Sprite TM01 Sugar Slam Sweet Physical 40 100% 35 The user slams their opponent with their sweet-covered body.
Bag TM Fighting Sprite TM02 Harden Nut-1 Status N/A N/A 30 The user hardens to become more resistant, effectively raising their defense.




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