The average Numvindi's appearance
Species Origin Numinus Vindicta Numvindi
Rarity Very Common
Alignment Instinctive, Carnivore/Parasites
Average Behavior Aggressive, Forceful, Primitive
Habitat(s) Seemingly All
Ability/ies Raw Strength, Mandibles, Tail Spines
Weapon(s) Medusa's Gaze
Vulnerable To Firearms
Numvindi are a universal-wide parasitic carnivores known for being the dominant carnivores. Numvindi are incredibly massive in numbers spreading at an alarming rate gradually killing entire universes through their sheer numbers and raw power. Numvindi are a unisex species although were once a bisex species according to ancient records from species that have fleed these creatures.


The history of the Numvindi is fairly well known due to the constant need to document them in case there is a way to destroy them. Numvindi were first recorded on the planet, Maji-1047 of the Maji-10 System. It was the Fourth Planet in the system and is considered a Pre-Sentience Planet even to this day. Records show that the Numvindi originally had two sexes, and were kept in check by other species in the environment as their numbers would be kept down by reducing the number of females in each group.

However records show that the Numvindi were exposed to a burst of mutagenic-radiation approximately 130 years after discovery, this mutagenic-radiation was never able to be traced back so the cause is unknown, however it seemed to fuse the DNA strands of the Numvindi species simplifying them so there was a single gender. From this point onwards Numvindi reproduced asexually through mitosis similar to cells although on a multi-cellular scale. It was also discovered that the Numvindi had become somewhat sentient as they began to use tools although never developed beyond this point, the Numvindi's numbers increased dramatically however due to galactic code of the universe they originate from, more advanced life was not allowed to interfere. This was a grave mistake however as the Numvindi bore out their planet until they were left floating through space.

During this time the Numvindi go into a sort of hibernation period this one being known as the first "Burst" a term used when a planet is eaten away by the Numvindi who then go into hibernation spreading out across space itself. The Numvindi's hibernation in the records was described as nothing they'd ever seen before, the creatures created a sort of exoskeleton with their tail spines which would extend ice all over them. Their heart rates slowed down and the creatures absorbed energy simply through their skin in this phase. One Numvindi was captured and analyzed although wreckage from the ship revealed that it had multiplied due to the minute amounts of matter in the containment it was in.

Eventually it became evident to the Numvindi's home universe that they were a pest who posed a massive danger due to their almost perfect immunity to damage while hibernating and savage, destructive tendencies while active. A full assault on the Numvindi was made to find their weaknesses, although there has been little success the first (and so far only) weakness was found on the planet Giggaron 6 Beta which had infested with Numvindi a mere 30 years after the first Burst despite being over 60 Lightyears away from Maji-1047. It was here that the native species of Giggaron 3 Alpha launched a full scale assault on the planet using numerous missiles and energy based weapons to attack the Numvindi, this showed great success initially although it was also revealed that the Numvindi (most likely due to their lack of sentience) were cannibals and consumed their dead indiscriminately from other species. It was determined that the Numvindi could only be stopped by completely destroying the planet they are on and them in the process, preventing them from going into their hibernation state.

This discover was too late for the doomed universe however as by the time they had discovered this the Numvindi had already spread to 75% of that universe. As a last-ditch effort the records along with 6 species from that universe escaped through a dimensional vortex to another universe although unwittingly allowed the Numvindi to continue their parasitic takeover. This continued for and has continued for as long as it has been recorded, although some universes have avoided the contanimation Dimensional Vortexes have become a major concern across the Multiverse due to the danger this species has posed.

A Multiverse gathering was held to discuss the issue of the Numvindi between all Non-Contaminated Universes, however during this gathering scientists whom had been spending just as much time researching the Numvindi as Military Generals had been fighting them came to an alarming realization. The Numvindi are evolving, it is at this current time that people are concerned of the Numvindi's aggressive movement and that if they develop sentience they will become even more efficient at attacking Universes.


The Numvindi are approximately 10ft-15ft tall when fully grown and are bipedal in nature, they do sprint on all fours and are very fast so avoiding them is often impossible. Numvindi have a distinct bone growth on their skulls which is shaped somewhat like a T or Tau. In addition the creature's skulls appear to be insectoid in shape featuring large mandibles and an elongated skull as opposed to a more spherical one.

The creatures have compound eyes that wrap around their skull giving them nearly 360° vision. Their large frames are supported by their long arms and legs each ending in three clawless toes. The creatures also have a large golden patch on their underbelly which is rarely seen. Lastly, the Numvindi have long tails ending in two assymetrical spines that are said to be sharp enough to cut through mineral.

Notable Members

Although the Numvindi themselves don't have names there are several that have been noted on records to have been of historical significance.

  • N000000100001 - Although not known specifically this is the title given to the Numvindi that first inherited the unisex trait.
  • N00015680001 - Known as the Burst Specimen, this was the individual captured and escaped from a ship attempting to analyze it, proving the species was dangerous even while hibernating.
  • N0B5C4F200001 & N0B5C4F200001 - The last recorded members of the original Universe and the introduced members of the second universe.
  • N00P612400004 - The first Numvindi to get a nickname, the scientists experimenting on this one called it "Toto" apparently referencing the Pre-Warp Move, The Wizard of Oz. "Toto" was the prime test subject of methods of killing and proved how resistant the species is to natural offenses such as Poison and Viruses.


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