I came into existence just so I could cast a single spell. The universe didn't think to give me any further purpose.
Nullius, Foregone

Full Name Nullius
Current Age 100
Date of Birth 510FC
Gender Male
Scirevicis Academy
Main Weapon(s) Nullimancy
First Appearance Foregone
Latest Appearance Foregone

Nullius is a pure magic being created in 510FC, when the Nullimancer Nemo erased himself from existence. He is a companion in Foregone.


Shortly after the construction of the Scirevicis Academy in 506FC, the magic school of nullimancy was discovered. One Nullimancer, Nemo, began to experiment to discover if nullimancy could only erase one's physical presence, or if it could erase all signs of one ever existing at all. His research was considered controversial, contradicting with the unchangeable nature of time most wizards agreed on.

The Academy refused to give Nemo any test subjects for the experiments, human or otherwise. In desparation, he cast a spell on himself which he had designed to erase all trace of him ever existing at all. Upon casting the spell, it worked successfully. However, a paradox was formed by a spell being cast by someone that no longer exists. Nullius was then created, a being of magic who was capable of casting the spell.

Nullius was shortly afterwards discovered by the Academy, and he explained to them the circumstances of his creation. None of the wizards had any recollection of Nemo, so they took Nullius's word and nullimancy became a much more strictly controlled magic. Nullius then left the Academy, wandering Aeo and attempting to find purpose for his life.


Nullius is an optional companion in Foregone.

His companion quest is The Crow and the Snake.

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