Nugg Chronicled is a Nugg adventure which involves Nugg exploring Fantendo and trying to find the Seven Power Figures.



Prolouge: The Seven Power Figures - EdGeorgenCody

Nugg and Nuggette were sitting on the edge of the dock when Wizzy flies by and drops a letter, it is from a strange and shadowy being known as the "Shadow Overlord"

To Nugg

Greetings, I am the almighty Shadow Overlord, I would just want to let you know that Me and My Minions have teamed up with Fantendo's Most Ruthless Villains and have kidnapped the Seven Power Figures, so try to save them if you can! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


The Shadow Overlord.

"We gotta help 'em!" exclaimed Nuggette!

"I know! With Yukimazan, Lemmykoopa24, Dashed...LOOK! They even got YoshiEgg!" said Nugg.

They looked at each other and raced to the Yoshtown Ferry...

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