#F036 Nubleum
The new art of Numbleum in Pokémon Citrine and Olivine Versions.
Category Cloud Pokémon
Original Region Flevore
National Dex Nr. #F036
Flevore Dex Nr. #055
Generation F
Pokémon Color White
Type(s) Flying
Ability/ies Damp, Cloud Nine
(Hidden: Aerilate)
Average Height 1'04"
Average Weight 0.2 lbs.
Evolves From N/A
Evolves Into Molnsoon, Synnder, Oblizzo

Numbleum, known in Japan as クンベス (Kumbes), is a Flying-type Pokémon. It is one of the Pokémon that has branched evolutions, as it evolves into three Pokémon. It evolves into Molnsoon when exposed to a Water Stone, Synnder when exposed to a Thunder Stone, and Oblizzo when exposed to an Ice Stone.


Nubleum are white-yellow clouds sporting light green eyes. They also sport cloud-like feet that consist of two toes and similarly-shaped wings that protrude from its top. Both the feet and the wings are in the same sky blue color.

A Nubleum is able to create its own wind by flapping its wings. It uses its newly-created wind to fly around, as it can only fly with the help of wind. It is commonly found in breezy areas because of this.

A Nubleum is naturally born above the sea when wind is around, and is formed by millions of water drops that has turned into damp.



Nubleum is based off a Cirrocumulus cloud.

Name Origin

Nubleum is based on the word nubes (Latin for cloud).

Kumbes is a pun of 雲 (kumo, Japanese for cloud) and nubes

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
From 雲 kumo (cloud) and nubes (Latin for cloud)
FrenchNubriseFrom nuage (cloud) or nubes, and brise (breeze)
GermanWoluftFrom wolke (cloud) and luft (air)

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