The sneaky chubby noob
Species Origin A ROBLOX Noob got sucked into a Mighty Willy Universe game
Rarity Uncommon
First Appearance Woofbot and Meowbot: Robots to the Rescue
Latest Appearance Mighty Willy Powers
Notable Members
Nubey, Noobus
NuberDubers are sneaky little species with clothes.

About NuberDuberEdit

NuberDubers are little noobs that got sucked into a Video Game. In both their appearances, Master Coloura controlled them to attack the Willy Gang.


The day, Rescued by RobotsEdit

NuberDubers debut in Woofbot and Meowbot: Robots to the Rescue.

Superhero NuberDubersEdit

They return in MWP, with new abilitiies. Their main objective is to avoid letting the Willy Gang steal the gems.




NuberTroopers are smarter NuberDubers who passed the flying test and wears wings.


  • The name NuberDuber is a wordplay on UberDuber and the fact they are noobs.
  • Just like the Koopa species, they have a land form and a sky form.
    • Also, the sky can either jump or fly.