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This article is about a fan game concept made by Monstermanchego. If you do not care for fan games, then why are you even on this wiki? Go to somewhere else on the interwebz!
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Nowhere in Particular - Wyrmsoul Legacy
Developer(s) Pixelburst Gaming
Publisher(s) Pixelburst Gaming
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Turn-Based RPG
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan ?
25px-Flag of USA ?
25px-Flag of Europe ?
25px-Flag of Australia ?
Age Rating(s)
ERating 3Rating
Media Included Wii U disc.

Nowhere in Particular - Wyrmsoul Legacy, referred to more commonly as Wyrmsoul Legacy, is the second game in the Nowhere in Particular RPG series. The game is set about a year after the predecessor, paving the way for the third game's tale of the origin of a curse that ruined the main location of the game, Creaderm, and gets it's name from an ancestor of Ashlyn - one of the three main protagonists of the game and a protagonist in it's predecessor. The gameplay is nearly identical to it's predecessor, but new skills and items have been added onto the old, and most of the character roster has been completely revamped. The slow transformation of Creaderm back to it's original state also results in a variety of new settings as the ancient ruins that had been submerged rise up again and humanity begins to rebuild a little.




The character's base health. When it reaches zero, it's game over.


The character's mana supply. Used when casting magic.


The character's Special power. Allows the use of more powerful skills such as Piercing Light, Unbound, and Ancient Blast when fully charged.

Attack (Atk)

Determines a character's melee power.

Defense (Def)

Determines a character's resistance to melee attacks.

Magic Attack (MAt)

Determines a character's magic power.

Magic Defense (MDf)

Determines a character's resistance to magic attacks.

Agility (Agi)

Determines attack order during combat.

Luck (Lck)

Determines critical ratio, as well as certain overworld events such as lockpicking and gambling.


Prelude: Relic of the Ark

Coming soon.


Name Species Age Class Weapon Stats






Atk: 5/5
Def: 3/5
MAt: 4/5
MDf: 2/5
Agi: 2/5
Lck: 3/5






Atk: 3/5
Def: 2/5
MAt: 3/5
MDf: 2/5
Agi: 5/5
Lck: 4/5






Atk: 2/5
Def: 1/5
MAt: 5/5
MDf: 4/5
Agi: 3/5
Lck: 3/5

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