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Nowhere in Particular
Developer(s) Pixelburst Gaming
Publisher(s) Pixelburst Gaming
Platform(s) PC
Genre(s) Turn-Based RPG
Media Included MV download.

Nowhere in Particular is a turn-based RPG developed and published by Pixelburst Gaming for the PC. The game is primarily located on the wintry continent of Creaderm and the islands located in it's immediate vicinity. Most of the gameplay takes place during combat, which is turn-based and allows for a variety of skills to be accessed.



Health Points (HP) - The character's base health. When it reaches zero, the character is no longer able to battle. A "game over" occurs when all characters' health is drained.
Skill Points (SP) - The character's energy supply. Used when casting magic or using skills, such as Barb Edge, Star Dust, Clumsy Blow, and Dizzying Dance.
Attack (ATK) - Determines a character's melee power.
Defense (DEF) - Determines a character's resistance to melee attacks.
Magic (MAG) - Determines a character's magical power.
Resist (RES) - Determines a character's resistance to magic attacks.
Speed (SPD) - Determines attack order during combat, as well as the chance of evasion.
Karma (KRM) - Determines the chance of landing critical hits and chance of inflicting status ailments. Also effects the outcome of certain events outside of battle, such as lock-picking and gambling.




Name Class Description
Finnigan Hunter The primary protagonist in the story. Down-to-earth and cheerful, Finnigan was raised in the town of Wetcliff under a set of strict moral guidelines that shaped him into the help-others-before-you-help-yourself type of young fellow that he is today. He's also an expert survivalist, equally skilled with both bows and bandages.

In battle, Finnigan acts as a jack-of-all-trades, as you'd expect from the main protagonist. His HP and DEF are relatively low, often leaving him reliant on his own healing ability to survive, but his SPD, RES, and KRM are quite high. His skills are similarly balanced, with a combination of offensive debuffs and healing skills that help to keep allies out of tight spots. His weapons of choice are Bows, and he uses Medium-type armor.
Shizuka Bloodhound Finnigan's endlessly faithful hunting companion and childhood playmate.

Being a bloodhound, Shizuka is swift and fearsome in combat, but has obvious disadvantages that make her much weaker than other potential party members. Her greatest boons are her high base stats; most notably, her SPD and ATK, which are the highest of any character's base stats. Disqualifying equipment bonuses, which is one of her biggest limitations. Her much lower HP and SP are highlighted by her inability to equip most armor, and is instead only capable of using a select few equipment types. Her skills are a mixture of physical attacks and minor support skills. She has no definite weapon or armor type, instead using a few specific pieces of equipment from all armor types.
Glenys Healer A battle-savvy mistress of healing with a short fuse and zero patience.

Glenys is the first designated healer that the party has access to, albeit a relatively unusual one. Though she bears the usual below-average physical defense and exceptional magical defense of others of the role, Glenys also has unusually high ATK and MAG stats and a small selection of damaging skills that take advantage of this, at the cost of being a bit slower than average and having the lowest SP of any magic-wielding character. The majority of her skills are restorative in nature, but as previously mentioned, she also has some offensive skills. Her weapons of choice are Gloves, and she uses Light-type armor.
Asterion Templar A masochistic ex-Paladin obsessed with being the center of attention in battle.

Asterion is the primary tank of the game, though it would be more fitting to call him a bullet-proofed motorcycle. His ATK is surprisingly low (though still a somewhat respectable stat against most foes), but he's the fastest high-DEF character in the game. His magical stats are the lowest of any character, but his HP is quite high. His greatest strength lies in his skills, which are primarily focused around bolstering allies' defense and drawing enemy attacks to himself. The most iconic example of this is his Eyes On Me skill, which greatly raises the likelihood of enemies targeting him. His weapons of choice are Axes, and he uses Heavy-type armor.
Lycus Druid A wandering savage with an untamed spirit and a unique bond with wildlife.

As a Shaman, Lycus is able to call upon the forces of nature in combat to strike enemies where they're weakest. His MAG is quite high, as is his SPD, but his defensive stats and HP are all quite low, meaning he'll frequently be reliant on the healing of allies to stay in the fight. While he IS in the fight, however, he can take advantage of his high SP to cast offensive magic to inflict elemental damage on enemies. He has a wide variety of these skills, allowing him to switch between spells in order to take advantage of enemies' weaknesses. He can also grant elemental affinities to allies, improving their resistance to that element while empowering their weapons with it. His weapons of choice are Staves, and he uses Light-type armor.
Mai Dancer A solemn and pessimistic ex-slave who struggles to connect with her new allies.

Despite her class' title of "Dancer" suggesting a more support-focused role, Mai is actually more comparable to a Warrior character with access to a couple of buff skills. She boasts high SPD, often making her among the first to act in battle, but she is relatively vulnerable to magical damage and doesn't have much SP to work with. Being a more physically oriented class, she also has a respectable amount of ATK and DEF. Her biggest strength is her skills, which all rely on prolonging allies' survival using special dances or dishing out damage to multiple foes at once. Her weapons of choice are Spears, and she uses Medium-type armor.
Talib Runist A former thief who hides his insecurities behind an endless supply of wit.

A well-rounded warrior that combines the physical power of steel with the magical abilities of runes. They are a jack-of-all-trades, with respectable amounts of power both physically and magically, but their DEF, RES, and SPD are lower than most other warrior-type characters or magic-users. Their most noteworthy feature is their skills - a combination of elemental attacks, using slashes bathed in magic or standard spell-casting, and the ability to apply potent elemental affinities that grant allies limited magic and a natural resistance to a specific element, allowing them to fine-tune the flow of battle depending on the most dominant element in the enemy's arsenal. Their weapons of choice are Rapiers, and they use Medium-type armor.
Laine Sailor TBA.

TBA. Their weapons of choice are Clubs, and they use Heavy-type armor.
Macbeth Lich TBA.

TBA. Their weapons of choice are Greatswords, and they use Heavy-type armor.
Dalia Gambler TBA.

An addict to chance who can call upon great power. Assuming the dice roll in their favor, that is... They have one of the highest base SPD stats in the game, as well as an incredible amount of KRM and relatively respectable MAG. Of course, their DEF and RES are pretty bloody low. They are most recognizable for skills that are more chance-heavy than others'; especially Shuffle Strike, a powerful magical attack of a random element, and Dice Breaker, a risk-versus-reward attack with random effects depending on the outcome of a 2d6 dice roll. They can also use magical attacks capable of critical strikes, buffs that raise allies' critical hit ratio and evasion rate, and debuffs that lower the same stats for enemies. Their weapons of choice are Knives, and they use Medium-type armor.
 ??? Mimic TBA.

TBA. Their weapons of choice are Claws, and they use Medium-type armor.
 ??? Engineer TBA.

A magic-user that doesn't use magic, as well as a specialist in some unusual fields. They are a tank, both physically and magically, with low HP and SPD that leaves them vulnerable to faster and more powerful enemies. In addition, though their KRM is quite high, their attack stats are nearly rock bottom, making the small assortment of elemental attacks at their disposal a bit less useful. Their greatest strengths are their Scanner and Brew skills. Their Scanner skill allows them to analyze an enemy to determine their elemental weaknesses, though it isn't always very reliable. The Brew skills, meanwhile, allow them to generate a item that can be used by allies to restore health, but vanish at the end of battle. Their weapons of choice are Guns, and they use Light-type armor.
??? Cavalier TBA.

TBA. Their weapons of choice are Swords, and they use Heavy-type armor.




  • Multiple names in the game are based off of names of people or locations that MMC knows and likes/admires.
  • Finnigan's name is a reference to one of MMC's previous pets, a ferret of the same name.

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