Noves Terres
Noves Terres
Flag of Noves Terres.
Capital City David Town
Largest City Capital of the Sand
Language(s) Novesian, English
Leader(s) Jasian Millan (Prime minister), Wadorfan Adictor (king)
Government Unitary parliamentary, constitutional monarchy
Population 1,512,000 (2015) 70% female, 30% male

ethnic groups: 71% Noves, 21% Landorasians, 6% Terres 2% others

Currency Rupees
Demonym Noves
Drives on the on the right
Measuring System Meters
Abbreviation NT
Included Environment(s)
Coast, Plain, Mountains, Tundra, Dessert
Noves Terres is a country existing within the Osiris planet, ruled by ThelegendofImpaTheLastSheikah (tbc). It is found at the southeast of the continent of Lumilia. Noves Terres is located east from Uliessa.


Noves and Terres

Here something about the original two groups that inhabitants this country.


Here something about how Landorasians come from outside and took this country over for a long time.

Noves Terres war

Here something about the resistance that ultimately ended as a war between the Noves, Terres and the Landorasians.

Era of peace

Here something about the 250 years of piece between all the different Ethnic groups.

The Terres Genocide

Here something about how Terres almost got completely killed off by the other ethnic groups.

"The 100 years of Shame"

Here something that the locals call "the 100 year of shame". The 100 years after the genocide where all the ethnic groups lived almost completely isolated from each other except for the Royal Family that had for the first time in history a Noves King and a Landorasian Queen.

Prince of Brotherhood

Here something about Prince Wadorfan Adictor, the first prince and future king to have a Terres wife . And because of that brought the different ethnic group closer together. And brought democracy to Noves Terres.

years of unity

Here something about that there has been unity since the King and Queen marriage.

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