Nova the Toad
Full Name Nova
Current Age 25
Date of Birth Mushroom Kingdom,Dark Land


Zodiac Sign Gemeni
Gender Male
Species Toad
Location Toad Town
Current Status Single
Class Mage
The protectors of Nintenverse
Main Weapon(s) Dark Staff
Vulnerable To Master Hand,Crazy Hand,and Tabuu
The protector of Mushroom Kingdom
Nova is a Toad in the Mario Universe (Or Mushroomy Universe.) that supplies most of the power-ups found on most of Mario's Adventures in his company called Nova Corps.


Nova is quiet,normally not speaking unless spoken to. He is friendly toward his secretary,however,and may show affection to her. He is an expert in Dark Magic,but he keeps in a secret from everyone. He makes sure everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom is safe,even King Bowser Koopa. He secretly even helped out Mario and Luigi during their fight with Cackletta, by weakening her soul power,allowing her to be defeated.


Early Childhood

After Master Hand got bored with all the fighters in his tournament,he cast a spell so that the next children born in each of the smaher's universe would become as strong (or stronger.) then him. Nova was born as one of the children,however,he was orphaned at a young age in the Dark Land,he was raised by Bowser almost exactly like his other son except more sheltered.

Teenage Years

When he turned 13, he learned that what his "dad" was doing,was a bad thing,so he freed the princess and brought her back to the kingdom. He was then raised by Toadsworth and the other Toads. It was during this time he studied the arts of magic and discovered he could control Darkness. He assited Mario and Luigi by using dark magic so that Cackletta's heart and soul (the two most vital parts of the body.) became one.

Adult years

Nova started a gigantic buisness called Nova Corps. that sells power-ups,food,and drink to everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom.