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Platformer World
Nostalgic Area
Lets-a-go, Mario
Levels 12
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The Nostalgic Area (also known as the Nostalgia Area) is one of the main worlds in Lets-a-go, Mario. The overworld resembles sprites from several older Mario games, such as Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World. The bosses are the Koopalings and Kamek. The enemy course enemies are Chargin' Chucks, Sproing-Oings, and Rexes.


Blast to the Past

Blast to the Past is the first level of the Nostalgic Area. It begins pretty much identically to the first level in the game, though with no enemies, blocks, or objects. In place of the checkpoint, though, there is a sleeping Miss Warp and a wall composed of Question Blocks with their sprites from Super Mario Bros. 3. When this Miss Warp is stomped on, the player rockets up into a place that is pretty much identical to Coin Heaven from Super Mario Bros. 3, save for the graphics.

Largely Familiar

Largely Familiar is the fourth level of the Nostalgic Area. The player starts on a mass of red, orange, and green blocks. Falling off reveals that this is in fact Mario's sprite from Super Mario Bros. 1. The blocks then begin to move forward, occasionally jumping to hit question blocks which appear to be masses of blocks in a similar fashion to the block Mario, to jump over pits, and to stomp enemies, which are also moving block-structures. 

There are no enemies in this stage, and the main obstacle is trying to get the impossibly hard Star Coins and avoiding getting crushed.

The first Star Coin is found on the block Super Mushroom that comes out of the first block that the block Mario hits. The player must leap quickly from the Mushroom to the giant Mario, or else they will become stranded on the Mushroom until they fall down or jump off of the Mushroom.

Paper Panic

Sticker Sleuth

Pixel Paradise

Hammer Bro. Hideout

Hammer Bro. Hideout is a secret stage. It is accessed by finding the hidden Megaflash Hammer in Sticker Sleuth. It must be used to break the giant rock blocking the stage, which reveals a Chain Chomp and the first Star Coin.

The next part of the stage involves a chase with a Chomp Shark and several types of Fuzzies to mess up the player. The second Star Coin can be grabbed when the path branches if the player goes down instead of upwards, leading to a Warp Pipe with several moving platforms and Bullet Bills. By taking the pipe out of this room or outrunning the Chomp Shark, the player makes it to the entrance to the hideout.

Inside, the player is welcomed by a Ring Sister. She interrogates the player, however, it always ends the same way - with her realizing that the characters are going after Bowser. She calls on several Hammer Bro. type enemies to attack them, including Sledge Bros., Boomerang Bros., Ball Bros., Spawn Bros., and of course, Hammer Bros.. The third Star Coin can be found if the fleeing Ring Sis. is caught. This is difficult because other Ring Sisters can get in the way.



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