North America Battle (tentative title) is a Strategy game for the PS3 and Nintendo Wii being made by Lemmykoopa24. It takes 30 places where NHL team are based, and puts statistics about the team for their qualities and disadvantages, and puts them all in the middle of an all-out war.



Gameplay & Controls

States and provinces that own hockey teams are in the middle of a war. The statistics of that hockey team will determine the statistics of the States and provinces in the war. You pick which state or province to enlist in and then fight the other states and provinces. You move across giant battlefield's with your allies and fight the other places with your military.

  • Control Stick - Move
  • X - Jump
  • Circle - Throw greenades
  • Square - Swap Primary weapon and side arm.
  • Triangle - Get inside vehicles.
  • R1 - Shoot
  • L1 - Aim

Statistics and their equivalents

  • Offense - Weapon power: The strength of your attack damage.
  • Defense - Weapon resistance: The amount of damage you don't take.
  • Powerplay - Chemistry: Your cooperation with allies.
  • Penalty Kill - Insurance: The capacity of weapons you can carry and chances of survival.
  • Extra Trivia - Supports: Special things that greatly help the team.

States & Provinces and their statistics

All stats are out of 10.

Anaheim, California

  • Weapon Power - 6
  • Weapon Resistance - 5
  • Chemistry - 5
  • Insurance - 4
  • Supports - Increased resistance to fire. Have shock troops.

Montreal, Quebec

  • Weapon Power - 6
  • Weapon Resistance - 5
  • Chemistry - 10
  • Insurance - 4
  • Supports - None

Boston, Massachusetts

  • Weapon Power - 7
  • Weapon Resistance - 5
  • Chemistry - 1
  • Insurance - 3
  • Supports - Touching an enemy physically with one unit will kill them.

Philidelphia, Pennsylvania

TBA Rest TBA...

Weapons & Vehicles


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