"What do you even deserve"? I deserve every single bit of your respect, your town is going to die under my bombs anyway...
Norman Foley, Autarch of Skies

Norman Foley is a 28 year old ex-Squadron Leader in his Air Force, Biplane flight expert and the main antagonist in Autarch of Skies. His objective in the game is to create a scorched earth over every country in sight to build his empire upon.


Pre-Autarch of Skies

During WWII, Norman Foley was a Squadron Leader over 5 other lower ranked members, During the war, the 6 had got into a close encounter with enemy forces in air, thus resulting into a dogfight. During the dogfight, 3 of his members' planes were blown up in the air, the other 2 were machine gunned and crashed into the sea. Norman however, was luckier, and barely escaped using a parachute. Traumatized by the event, Norman quit the Air Force and used his own biplane to bomb cities and build over them, using the citizens as slaves.

Autarch of Skies Events

In Autarch of Skies, Dallas' city has been planned to be raided by Norman. To counter this, Dallas is assigned with a Biplane to shoot down his troops and take back the cities he's conquered. After Dallas passes his forces and elite planes, he reaches the final showdown with Norman, Via. radio, Norman reveals that he is only doing this to relieve himself from when his squadron was shot down is to obtain everything, as he claims his squad was "Everything to him", At the end of this battle, Norman suffers the same fate as his squadron did. Dallas machine-guns Norman causing him to crash into the water and cause a depth charge.


Norman's apperance is similar to that of a stereotypical Biplane pilot, he has brown shaded hair and stubble on his cheeks, He wears a brown ripped coat from the crash and a white vest under it. He also wears blue denim jeans because he is on a low budget and also ocasionally wears a Gas Mask and goggles.

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