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Gender Male
Species NeutralMinion
Align Neutral Good
Current Status Alive
Class Creature
Element(s) Neutrality
Ability/ies Creating shurikens out of thin air
Vulnerable To Nothing
Height 5 feet
Weight approx 130 lbs.
Family and Relations
Inonedn (Ally), creatures
Series Sekaiju Legends

Norman is a character from Sekaiju Legends. He is a "taller neutral minion" who is also a very powerful shopkeeper.


He appears to be a grey human-sized humanoid. He has a small-ish tail and one horn-like structure on his head. In general, he has very little features; he doesn’t haves claws or toes, he doesn’t haves visible hands and feet, and doesn’t even haves a visible mouth. His eyes are fully black and look a bit like Kirby’s. He is sometimes shown with a dark grey cape, usually when he’s saving someone in danger.


Norman speaks in an italian accent. He is rather kind and usually helps people who are starving. He works at a shop at a barn on Main Island, selling goods such as bread. He tends to be rather silly, and is easy to surprise. He likes to claim he is a superhero when helping someone. Despite his power, he spends most of his time just being carefree and in general just wants to enjoy life for what it is.


Norman may look not that strong, but he is one of the strongest creatures alive. He is able to create powerful shurikens out of thin air. He is also very agile to the point he can run on ceilings and walls. And despite his appearance, he is very tough to hurt. His punches and kicks are very strong as well, and he is able to do a flurry of punches when he needs to do close combat. He can also throw things very far away, and can carry very heavy weights, even creatures like Dorsal or Crumble.


  • He is one of the strongest creatures in the whole series.
  • Norman’s level would be 666 if he was in Pokémon. He’s that strong!
  • He apparently watches the Pokémon XYZ anime. This might explain his ability to shoot giant shurikens.

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