Nook's Arcade
First Appearance Animal Crossing: Adventure Leaf
Current Ruler Tom Nook
Current Inhabitant(s)
Tom Nook, Tommy and Timmy
Location Type Arcade

Nook's Arcade is a new location in Animal Crossing: Adventure Leaf, inside Tom Nook's Shop. Here, the player can play games created by Nooktendo (obviously a reference to Nintendo) for extra money.

Each game requires at least 50 bells to play, if the player wins the game or gets a high score, the player will be awarded with 500 bells.


  • Timmy Bros.: A remake of Mario Bros. with Timmy and Tommy as playable characters instead of Mario and Luigi. The game ends after Phase 25.
  • Super Timmy Brothers: A remake of Super Mario Bros. with Timmy and Tommy as playable characters, with only worlds 1, 2, 3, 4 and 8 as playable worlds.
  • Super Nook Kart: A remake of Super Mario Kart with Tom Nook, Timmy, Tommy, the player's character as playable characters. If the player have other three team party members they will be playable as well.
  • K.K. Slider: A game simiilar to Donkey Konga but with K.K. Slider instead. To play this game, the player needs at least one K.K. Slider album.
  • Reset, Mr. Resetti!: This is a minigame requiring the player control Mr. Resetti stopping people from resetting wiithout saving. This game is endless. The only way to lose is if anyone resets without saving and you don't stop him at time.
  • Mail Here, Mail There: In this minigame, the player must control Pelly by putting the mails on the correct folder (example: if the mail is for Rover, the mail must be put on Rover's folder). This game is endless. The only way to lose is to put the mail on the wrong folder.

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