Gender Male
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Kirby Elements
Ability/ies Inhalation and Copy Abilities
First Appearance Kirby Deluxe Journeys
Noob is a Kirby based off of his creator, Kirby Rider. He is the second smartest Kirby in the group, only surpassed by Snipe.


Noob is into Polychora. He also has accounts everywhere on the webs. He is a Pacifist. He also gets shock from profanity that he hears. Noob is also a creative Kirby, being able to imagine Kirbys made out of Polytopes of 3D or 4D.


Noob's accounts are each named "NoobKiller1029384756". People abbrieviate it and call him by his real name without noticing. Noob also uploaded a "Let's Play Kirby's Epic Yarn" video where Kirby and Flammabokirby play Kirby's Epic Yarn.


  • Noob debuts under attack in the Kirby Deluxe Journeys Prolouge, where he is rescued.


  • Since his creator is super smart, he made him the second smartest Kirby.
  • His name has two definitions: a dumb guy and a newcomer...