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Non-Specific Action Game is a game for the Nintendo Wii U. It was accidentally leaked during E3 2013 by Reggie, and Reggie was shortly fired afterward. I am dead serious.

It stars Non-Specific Action Figure. The trailer shows flight and sword-play, and not much else.

A Note

So whoever decides to adopt this non-specific article, I had a few ideas in mind.

  • Non-Specific Action Figure has a team of seven characters. Two of them you can add in yourself.
  • Palutena is actually trying to prevent Non-Specific Action figure from getting his powers back, as you can probably guess.
  • Amiibo support should only support the most obscure canon and fanon amiibos, if you decide to add it.
  • It's more of a comedic article, but not in the "666 Illuminati Doritos" way. If you do that shit, I'm fucking taking this article from you.
  • Just have fun.


It will star Non-Specific Action Figure. Reggie said that he would be in a situation that most heroes do not find themselves in: in debt. Parodies of Sony and Microsoft's IPs are said to appear.

Non-Specific Act 1

Coming soon!


The gameplay is similar to that of Metriod, but with swords and flight. Additionally, power-ups such as Mario's Cap and Boots, Samus's arm-cannon, and Link's Sword are said to appear.


Non-Specific Action Team

Image Name Description
Non-SpecificActionFigureRender Non-Specific Action Figure Once a god, Non-Specific Action Figure finds himself surrounded by something he never imagined: Morality. He uses his sword and shield, the only things brought from the immortal heavens.
Uniracers Uniracer Uniracer is faster than any Hedgehog! Sadly, nobody cares about him anymore, not even Nintendo.
Mario artwork (Mario Party 10) - with hat - Copie - Copie Mario Nintendo's number one man. Since no Nintendo cross-over can't have Mario, he's in.
PalutenaUprising Palutena A fellow god herself, she wants to restore Non-Specific Action Figure's power. But is her incompetence for real?

The Legion of Specific Evil

Image Name Description
??? Demise TBA

The Other Dudes

Coming soon!

Optional Peeps

Coming soon!

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