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Ian Eronigo

Ian Eronigo

Nolan Koopa Redesign


Eronigo form by Sylas

His Koopaerwachsener form by Aiva

Former Form by Aiva

Full Name Ian Cranium Eronigo
Current Age 21
Date of Birth December 2, 1995
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Gender Male
Species Raccoon Eronigo
Location Aiva Universe
Current Status Alive
Class Unknown
Height 6'4 ft.
Weight 220 lbs.


Old Look

Nolan's old design was similar to the new Iggy design. He has yellow glasses and had a multicolored palm tree like hair. Since Roy Koopa ripped out his hair, Roy also broke Nolan's glasses. In his new appearances. Nolan now wear sun shades over his eyes so Nolan thinks he got "swag". His hair changed a bit, he wears fingerless gloves, his shell is dark blue with gray rings, and he wears toeless socks.

April 2016 Redesign

Aiva slightly redesigned Nolan to make him look like his age. Nolan is taller and 10 lbs heavier. He grown eyebrows and facial hair. He wears clothing like his October 2015 appearance. Overall, he looks like his age I guess...

Koopaerwachsener Redesign

According to Aiva's headcanon, once a koopaling turns 21, they get a massive redesign known as the "Koopaerwachsener" (Koopa adult in German). He is now as large as Bowser. He grew more fangs and seems to have antlers. He has 3 colors in each eye instead of 5 colors. He is mostly blonde now and grew a beard. He seems to have yellowish rings now. His skins is gray with a goldish tint at his hands and feet. He seems to wear a vest and tank top with partically torn up jeans


Nolan (who is now Ian)'s Eronigo form was taken basically from his Koopaerwachsener form. His skin is purple. He has 4 visible fangs popping out of his mouth. His eyes, hair, and pants remained the same. He has the bandit birthmark around his eyes, like a raccoon. He has small raccoon ears. His wings are purple and yellow. He has a black vest with a yellow 90s shirt. He also has a purple and yellow raccoon tail



Game Appearances