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Nolan Cody Koopa

Nolan Koopa Redesign


His Koopaerwachsener form by Aiva

Former Form by Aiva

Full Name Prince Shawn "Nolan Cody" Koopa
Current Age 21
Date of Birth December 2, 1995
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Gender Male
Species Koopa
Location Aiva Universe
Current Status Alive
Class Aivaling
Element(s) Water
Height 6'4 ft.
Weight 220 lbs.
First Appearance A.S. Forte
Shawn Koopa, Nolan C. Koopa, Nolan

Nolan Cody Koopa is rather a unique koopaling, as the 2nd oldest Aivaling, that has a normal and a true form. When he debuts as Nolan, he acts as he is a crazy koopaling, similar to Iggy. He can also debut as Shawn Koopa, which is his true form and name.


Old Look

Nolan's old design was similar to the new Iggy design. He has yellow glasses and had a multicolored palm tree like hair. Since Roy Koopa ripped out his hair, Roy also broke Nolan's glasses. In his new appearances. Nolan now wear sun shades over his eyes so Nolan thinks he got "swag". His hair changed a bit, he wears fingerless gloves, his shell is dark blue with gray rings, and he wears toeless socks.

April 2016 Redesign

Aiva slightly redesigned Nolan to make him look like his age. Nolan is taller and 10 lbs heavier. He grown eyebrows and facial hair. He wears clothing like his October 2015 appearance. Overall, he looks like his age I guess...

Shawn Koopa

Nolan's true form and name is Shawn Koopa. He looks identical to Nolan, however he is less colorful, and all his hair, eyebrows, and shell are gray. His head and body is mostly white with 3 red stripes and a red coloration at his feet and hands. His rings, eyelids, and eyes are red.

Koopaerwachsener Redesign

According to Aiva's headcanon, once a koopaling turns 21, they get a massive redesign known as the "Koopaerwachsener" (Koopa adult in German). He is now as large as Bowser. He grew more fangs and seems to have antlers. He has 3 colors in each eye instead of 5 colors. He is mostly blonde now and grew a beard. He seems to have yellowish rings now. His skins is gray with a goldish tint at his hands and feet. He seems to wear a vest and tank top with partically torn up jeans


Nolan has grown a bit more mature. He is not as wacky as before. Nolan shares a relationship with Aidan Koopa, revealing Nolan is gay. He has forgotten he was Shawn Koopa, however Bowser told him Nolan has the ability to transform back into his true form. Nolan pretends to like most of the koopalings and Bowser.


Game Appearances

A.S. Forte: The Original

Nolan will appear in the game, as the 6th koopaling to be fought. He reveals to be quite powerful



  • Nolan was originally a recolor, until Emerald gave him a new design.
  • He is believed to be on drugs.
  • He is Aiva's 2nd fav OC koopaling, first being Aidan.
  • Nolan and Aidan are the only 2 conformed Aivalings, whom are gay.
  • Nolan and Shawn are the same person, only different colors and Shawn has less attire.
  • Matthew and Nolan are the only 2 Koopaerwachseners of the Aivalings

Names in other lanuages

Korean: 놀란 (Nollan)

Punjabi/Hindi: ਨੋਲਨ (Nōlana)

Japanese: ノーラン (Nōran)

Chinese: 诺兰 (Nuò lán)

Thai: โนแลน (No læn)


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