Noid II is a 3D platforming fighting game developed by SuyoGames. It is the sequel to Noid. In this game, the "human to monster" gimmick still is there, however, the players now have a robotic like creature called "Kaijates" assisting the player, they two beings can combine and allow the player to transform into their Ultimate Form. The game will have a release on the Wii U, Infinity, and Nintendo Immerse.

Adventure Mode: Warrior's Way

Not much is revealed for this story mode, but it will work like an RPG this time around, and will be longer than the previous games' story.


Battle System

The game has mainly the same battle system as the previous game. Overall, the game isn't really 2D based, it is actually 3D platforming, meaning the player has free movement in large arenas to fight in. The player has a plenty amount of attacks to use, and by defeating other players, their attacks will level up and become stronger each time they win a fight. In the arenas the player choose, sometimes a Golden Orb will spawn; if the player attacks it with their special attack, they can unleash their Special Attack, which can do a lot of damage and might turn an opponent's life bar to zero.

The main gimmick of the Noid series is that the player is able to transform into a monstrous beast, such as an Ifrit, Dragon, or anything else. However, the player must nail great attacks in order to charge up the Transformation Meter, allowing the player to transform into their Monster Form. The Monster Form's allow the player to gain unbelievable powers, and after a certain amount of time, the player will revert back into their Human Form. Although the Monster Form seems overpowered, once transformed, you cannot move fast, and the player can still attack you in Human or Monster form. In Human Form though, they don't deal too much damage, but much damage to the player in their monstrous form can revert them back before their time is up.

Another new evolution to the Battle System has been introduced in this game, it is called Kaijates, Kaijates are robotic like creatures that support the player in battle, they can be used by using the Gamepad's touch screen once activated by pressing the ZL button. Kaijates are able to form attacks with the player and allow the player to unleash stronger attacks. By pressing the ZR button when Kaijates are active, the Kaijate will transform into a special weapon for the player to use, giving the player new and unique attacks.


Starter Characters

Name Description Element Attacks Special Move Monster Form
Xero The blazing fighter returns with a powerful amount of new attacks, together with his friends he is an unstoppable opponent. Fire
  • Supreme Slash
  • Cynder Bomb
  • Warrior's Wave
  • Oxhot Onslaught
Infernal Crash: Xero will use his Ifrit form and will soar in the sky and surround himself in flames and deliver a hard hit if he smashes into the opponent. Ifrit
Seymor Seymor rushes back into battle and has now gone through a major training session since the last battles of his, so he is prepared for any obstacles in his way. Water
  • Sea Sphere
  • Hydron Tail
  • Night Spector
  • Ring Of Water
Searock Smasher: Seymor will use his Salamander form to create a gigantic rock that can be thrown onto the opponent, once thrown, the opponent will be stricken with many spikes. Salamander
Anna This female fighter of the air once again is ready to fight the odds, nothing stands in her way this time around. Air
  • Sky Downforce
  • Aero Wing
  • Sly Scissor
  • Stream Slash
Brave Blast: Anna will use her Griffon form to create three hurricanes and will swing them at any opponents near her. Griffon

Newcomer Characters

Name Description Element Attacks Special Move Monster Form Unlockable?
Fern From the forest to the mountains, Fern is a traveling man who has a dark history, he is a "hungry wolf" and is looking for targets. Darkness
  • Blood Trance
  • Claw of Wild
  • Moonlight Shine
  • Arcane Assault
Twilight Twister: Fern uses his Fenrir form and will spin around and create a dark like tornado that can suck in opponents and cause them to have their health drained. Sometimes, the player may be cursed and will be inflicted with a massive health loss. Fenrir Yes

Returning Characters

Unlockable Characters


Name Description Element Form Attacks Default Partner
Redlust A red fiery lion is the partner of Xero, together they can form dual attacks and assault other opponents with blue flames. Once transformed into a weapon, Redlust becomes a flaming sword. Fire
  • Blueburst Barrier
  • Red Sun Rage
  • Shimmering Scar


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