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Nocturn: The Seven Pearls of Evil
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Developer(s) A & D company
Publisher(s) A & D company
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Genre(s) Role-Playing Game
Release Date(s)
Single player
Age Rating(s)


Media Included Nintendo DS card

WARNING: This is Nocturnpatto8's fan game don't edit without his permission

Nocturn: The Seven Pearls of Evil is a game developed by A & D company for the Nintendo DS. It's an RPG game, wich has a very similar gameplay than the Paper Mario series. It will come out in 2012.


The famous warrior Nocturn that lives in Diamond City and owns a spying company once recieved a message from an unknown fount saying that the Dark King Boo and his children, the Dark Boolings were going to search for the seven Pearls of Evil to destroy the sun and make the world completely dark. Nocturn sent his friends, the Team N to investigate their locations. Nocturn has to find the pearls before Dark King Boo's minions and evitate the sun's destruction.

Chapter 1: Unmasking the evil

Nocturn comes out of his headquarters with his buddy Danny,they ask Nocturn's wife, Rosalina where could the first pearl be. She tried to detect it with her power and felt a really powerful energy coming out of the Shy Land a place whith a lot of Shy Gys. Nocturn & Danny go to the place Rosalina said and after explorating the zone, they find Ghoularry, a misterious ghost that joined Dark King Boo, he attacks them and after defeating him, they discover that he kidnaped Fist, one of Nocturn's friends. Nocturn saves him and Fist joins Nocturn's party. Fist saw a giant rock that was blocking the way but thanks to his super strenght, he crushes it. When they go further in the forest, they find the pearl, but Larry Boo, a Booling, apears and challenges Nocturn and company. After beating him, they get the first pearl and come back to the headquarters.

Chapter 2: A Flaming Desert

Nocturn and co. go talking with Rosalina, but she says that the next pearl is too far to locate them, so Nocturn goes to see Professor Elvin Gadd and tell him to build a radar, when they go, they told him and started. Meanwhile, Nocturn notices that Professor Hector and R.O.B were there, Hector sees the reaction of Nocturn after seeing R.O.B and asks him to buy it for 9,999 coins, Nocturns goes pale and answers later. When E. Gadd Finishes the radar, they see that the next pearl is in the Fire Desert and inmediatly go there. After walking a bit, they see a pumpkin with sinister fire floating around him. Nocturn touches it and the Pumpkin results to be alive, he's O'Lantern, another of Dark King Boo's goons. After fighting him, they find the amp from Team N, Zamp, and he joins the party. They see various generators that could be activated by Zamp, they do so, and the sand between the generators disapears, revealing a stairset, they go downstairs and find some kind of ruins of a temple that has got various generator like the previous ones. After advancing, they meet Morton Boo, that is next to the pearl. They fight for the pearl, and when Team N wins, they continue their quest.

Chapter 3: Cold Minds

After consulting the radar, Nocturn and the others have to go to the Frosty Forest, a place with a lot of Snorunt and other ice Pokémon. When they reach the forest, they see a giant cliff and a broken bridge, Danny has to use his watery powers to create a bridge that will freeze, leting the team pass. After some exploration, Zamp sees a cute young girl, and goes to talk with her, when he goes there, the girl transform into Froslass, Dark King Boo's right hand. Froslass challenges the team and when she is defeated, she runs away and vanishes. Sudenly, Nocturn hears someone screaming, everybody is trying to locate where are the screaming coming from, Nocturn finally sees Boing-oing, the strongest of the sproing-oings and a member from the team, Fist shakes the tree and makes him fall, after that, he joins the party. They can now cross the cliffs faster, and when they go further in the forest, until they coincide with Lemmy Boo, that found the pearl. The team fights him and after defeating him, Nocturn tries to catch the pearl, but a misterious shadow steals it. Nocturn follows the shadow, and when they reach the shadow they discover that he is Glailie, Froslass' brother, Froslass apears and the siblings fight the Team N. After the intense figth, Froslass runs away and Nocturn gets the pearl.

Chapter 4: Going to the Swimming Boo

The Team is now going to the Boo Ocean, a place where a lot of Submarine Boos live, here, going through pipes will make Nocturn go underwater, where he needs to breath by touching a bubble. When they reach the great sea conch, they find Booberry, who explains the team why the Amighosts joined Dark King Boo. They where good ghosts before, but the King Boo killed Booberry's baby, thing that made them so mad, they joined Dark King Boo, because he will give them a lot of power, so they can get their revenge on King Boo. After the explanation, they fight, when they win they discover some kind of Yoshi, but the creature explains them that he is the result of a mutation that made a Yoshi and a Dorrie merge, he wants to be strong, so he can be a hero. Nocturn gives him the name of his original race Dorrie, he joins the party. The team now continues with his new strong buddy, that can swallow small enemies and fruits, and they find the pearl inside a Clampy, sudenly, Wendy Boo apears and fights them. The team beats her and gets the pearl.

Chapter 5: The Traitor

After all that ocean, the team now reaches the Toxic Landfill, Dorrie's home land, Nocturn notices that they can't advance because the water is poisonous, but Dorrie tells them that he can sail in every kind of water. Thanks to him, they can now continue. The team enters in a dark cave, where a misterious Fang attacks the team. Nocturn uses a Starman to make some light apear, what reveals that the Fang is another Amighost, Akro Bat, They battle him and after it, the team goes further in the cave and find Iggy Boo. Nocturn was preparing to attack, but the Boo tells Nocturn that he doesn't want to help his father and he's a good guy, he joins Nocturn's party, he has got a lot of machines that the team can use in battles and in the overworld, after making his way Nocturn finds McBoo, who challenges the team N. After his defeat, his cap falls, revealing the pearl. The team gets the pearl and goes back to his house to buy the R.O.B.

Chapter 6: Hunters and Cannons

Nocturn is buying the R.O.B, then the radar now indicates Nocturn that the next pearl is in the top of the Cannon Mountain, before they go, a cutscene shows Dark King Boo's Castle, and McBoo telling the King that the Team N has already got 5 pearls, D.K.B gets really angry, scaring McBoo and the guards, he calls a misterious bounty hunter that never fails. After that, Nocturn and his cool new robot go to the mountain, they have to avoid some of the strongest troops of the King. When they go to the middle of the mountain, the bounty hunter called Skull Killer attacks Nocturn, after this hard battle, they find some cannons, that Nocturn will combine with R.O.B's propellers to reach other higher cannons, after doing this some times more, he will reach the top of the highest mountain, where he will meet Roy Boo and the pearl, they will fight and after that, Nocturn will get the pearl and take the cannon that wil take Nocturn to his next destiny: the Cruel Sky.

Chapter 7: Clones and Dark Clouds

Before Nocturn lands on the Cruel Sky, another cutscene shows Dark King Boo's Castle. Dark King Boo is seen cloning McBoo, just like in McBoo series, McOobers apear, he sends them to the Cruel Sky. Nocturn lands in a cloud, in this zone, Nocturn will have to use R.O.B's propellers to reach other clouds or when defeating a Fishin' Lakitu use his cloud to hover. Nocturn will see dark clouds, he has to go there, where he will find 15 McOobers and has to fight them (3 each battle). After beating them, the team has to go the gold cloud, there is the last pearl, when he goes there, he will face Ludwig Boo. After beating him and geting the pearl, they will see another dark cloud, that is right above Dark King Boo's Castle, they have to go there.

Chapter 8: The Final Battle

Nocturn is already in Bad Boo Forest, it's an awful forest full of lava and undead enemies. Before Nocturn can advance, Froslass and various Ice Pokémon apear and Froslass tells Nocturn that he has to beat them all to reach the castle. Nocturn continues with determinations and fights Delibird, that is easily beaten, near the volcano, he finds Jynx, that will take a bit long to defeat, then he'll see a weid tree, that results to be Abomasnow, finally, Nocturn reaches the entrance, where Weavile is waiting, Nocturn and the team defeat him and enter the castle. After an endless maze, they will find Froslass again, and obviously, they fight. When the battle is over, Nocturn Finally enters the Trhone Room and the final battle starts. Dark King Boo has a really big amount of HP and he can recover when he summons Small Dark Boos. When Dark King Boo gets angry at the very end of the battle, he recovers 1,000,000 HP, but the pearls of evil apear around Nocturn and they let Nocturn use his ultimate attack, the Nocturnal Wave, he uses it against Dark King Boo and he gets finally defeated. Nocturn saved the world and he goes back to his HQ, where he receives his reward: a mansion. Then, the credits start and Nocturn and Rosalina are seen moving to their new home.

Playable Characters

  • Nocturn: The Protagonist, he's the main playable character in the overworld.
  • Danny: Nocturn's friend, he can control water.
  • Fist: Nocturn's apprentice, he has got super strenght.
  • Zamp: Another member of the Team N, he can charge electricity.
  • Boing-oing: The strongest Sproing-oing, he can jump really high.
  • Dorrie: A fusion between a Yoshi and a Dorrie. He can go faster and sail in poisonous water.
  • Iggy Boo: One of Dark King Boo's children, he can use various machines.
  • R.O.B: A robot made by Professor Hector, he can use his robotic weapons.


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