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Noctem Members

The Notorious Opperational Convicted Terrorist of Eternal Mutany (N.O.C.T.E.M, also refered as Al-Tharmen, The Organization or The First Order of Subspace) is a organization from the East Contenent of Mobius that opperates with the plan to destroy all the smashers of the world and ressurect Tabuu and conquer all the regions of Mobius with the Blood of all the Smashers in the world.


Early History

Sixty Nine years ago one year after the end of the Subspace wars a group of people have formed to resist the modern governments that had succeded the monarchies of old 100 years ago. These people attacked the Mii people and vanquished them with the Mobians in their service to make it like the Miis were wiped out by a random sinkhole. Then they used influenced Nightmare by having him conquer Mobius in the centeral contenent. 

Current History

Noctem was founded 12 days after the Nightmare Raid on Delfino Plaza that made Delfino Plaza independent from Nightmare's control. The Group decided to opperate Underground of Delfino Plaza until the Tabuu incident in Delfino Plaza. since then they opperate in old Mobotroplis.

Some of their members opperated against Ace and his pals. The first conflict was to opperate against the Guards of Prophecy when their Wearhouse lair was breached by the Guards themselves. Ganondorf the former supreme leader and former member Hades got their goons to unite with the Guards of Prophecy to go against the Digital Tabuu Virus.Then the Organization's members Darkness of Evil, Mephiles the Dark and Nazo opperated by controling criminals banished to another dimension to go against Ace and gang. first they destroyed the Smasher Temple and then continued opperations to find the power of the fozen sun. the opperations happened until the Genesis Portals had happened.

The Entity was contacting Acnologa to congradulate him for the destruction of South Island after the Grimoire Heart attacks.

Later on the Entity contacted Gray Fullbuster to report to him about the attack.

Some Members of Noctem were contacting Entity after reporting to each other of what's going on. Entity reports Gray and Dunia both betrayed him and went on opperations to stop him.

Then it was revealed by Gray to Entity that he did not betray him after all but to release the Death Bill on Delfino Plaza and gain victory over the plaza and rule it as it's governer with the aid of Dunya, Geno, Leonidas, Sans and Papyrus to release the death bill. Entity sends in two people whom Gray knew in Fiore. They were revealed to be Silver Fullbuster (Gray's Father) and Lyon Vastia. Then Gray tells Silver that it's not really silver himself and then it is revealed to be Orba in disguise 



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