No Verse
Location Outside of existence
Planet Size Endless
Inhabiting Species
Atmosphere  ???
Distinct Features Grass, Eternal Sunset sky
Notable Inhabitants/Individuals
Residence of Akio, Ko, and Ryo
No Verse is a world that exists outside of everything. No one knows how to get there, or how the three characters Akio, Ko, or Ryo got there. All three say that they were created and simply put there. None of them has an explanation for that.


  • Akio
  • Ko
  • Ryo


No-Verse seems to be and endless, world, that resembles earth. Except the only living beings are the three. It seems that the sky is always in a sun-set and that the only thing there besides endless distances of grass is simply Akio’s house which the three live in. The house is a four story house that has a back screened porch which Akio, Ko, and Ryo spend there time at.

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