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Nizzle & Zorp
Developer(s) KinglerMaster (tbc)
Publisher(s) Wiki-wordmark
Genre(s) Puzzle
First Game Nizzle and Zorp
Nintendo 3DS
Thermo Z

Nizzle and Zorp is a series of puzzle games made for various platforms. It has been planned for there to be some side series and/or spin-offs to come and diverse the series a bit.

The series mostly focuses on the characters Nizzle and Zorp.




Main SeriesEdit

Logo Title Description Release Date Consoles
NizzleAndZorpLogo Nizzle and Zorp The first game in the series. This game is a puzzle game that involves Nizzle and Zorp completing levels to get out of a dangerous planet. Gameplay involves matching different objects to gain points to complete the level. The objectives and rules can vary based on the level. ??? ThermoZLogo
Pacifico Logo
Nintendo 3DS Logo
NZ2L Nizzle and Zorp 2 The second game in the series. Gameplay is relatively similar to the previous game, although the player now has access to more playable characters than before and can also receive help from certain characters whilst playing. ??? ThermoZLogo
Pacifico Logo

Side GamesEdit

Logo Title Description Release Date Consoles
Nizzle and Zorp Adventures A platformer game, and the first in the series to not be a puzzle game. The game is revolved around Nizzle and Zorp's Time Rod, and reveals information about their origins as well. ??? ThermoZLogo


Logo Title Description Release Date Consoles


Logo Title Description Release Date Consoles