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This article is about the game. For the series, see here. For the character, see here.

Nizzle and Zorp
The logo for the game. Note that it shares this logo with the series itself.
Publisher(s) Wiki-wordmark
Platform(s) Pacifico
Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Puzzle
Release Date(s)
Adventure Mode, Free Play (Single and Multiplayer), Trophy Gallery, Music Player, Settings
Age Rating(s)
ESRB2013E Cero a YfgPEGI 3.svgUSK 6
Media Included Game Disc
Digital Download
Storage Needed Coming soon!

Nizzle and Zorp is a puzzle game released for the Thermo Z, Pacifico and Nintendo 3DS.

It is the first game in the Nizzle and Zorp series.


Gameplay works like a lot of puzzle games' gameplay; the gameplay involves matching to earn points. In the game, there is a small screen showing various objects; those objects must be matched in pairs of 3 or more to complete objectives, which vary depending on the level. Either Nizzle or Zorp can be chosen as the character swapping; Nizzle tends to have higher luck making bigger matches, whereas Zorp tends to have luck obtaining objects that give off more points for being matched.

If the player matches enough, they can fill up an Astral Meter, which will turn all of a certain object into a mysterious orb that pulls off many matching combos when matched.

There are 5 (6 if Multiplayer Free Play is counted) modes within the game. They are listed in the table below.

Mode Description Unlocking Criteria
Adventure Mode The main mode of the game. It goes through the story of the game, with the player completing levels to progress on. Default
Free Play (Single Player) Just a free game to play, with the 2 main objectives, which are choosable (reach a certain amount of points in a certain time or reach a certain amount of points with a certain amount of matches). This is meant for fun and has no specific reward for playing it such as high scores or trophies. Default
Free Play (Multiplayer) This mode can be players through using a Z-account or Nintendo Network ID. If the player does this, they can connect with friends to play a free play game of multiplayer. However, it only contains one objective, which is reaching a certain amount of points in a certain time. Due to the naturally competitive format, this is considered less casual than single-player Free Play. Default
Trophy Gallery This mode allows the player to view trophies gained through completing levels in Adventure Mode. Each trophy provides a brief description on whatever is shown in the trophy. Complete World 1-2
Music Player This mode allows the player to listen to the soundtrack of the game. All soundtracks are unlocked when the world they appear in are completed. Menu/other music is available as soon as the music player is unlocked. Complete World 1-10
Settings Here, the player can change certain settings of the game. Default



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