Nitro is a character that is often used as a villain in multiple game ideas by Twenty-Second Choice, but has yet ao eppear in any. He is Bowser's cousin, and in the concept for Hyper Mario: Heavy Metal, he was shown to own a large battleship, which was covered in neon lights. This battleship attacked with sound waves and Bob-Ombs, but mainly simply crashed into buildings to destroy them.

Physical Appearance

Nitro appears similar as Bowser, except much thinner, with longer spikes on his shell. He also sports a green Mohawk, and his horns are long and curve upwards. His skin is also darker, and he has a neon green tattoo of a spiked shell on his right arm. He wears a black leather jacket (which has holes, and the spikes on his shell go through) and is almost never seen without his shades on. He shows resemblence to Larry Koopa.

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