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Nitendo And Sega Ultimatum Expansion Pack Fix

This was created to fix up the many glitches of Nitendo And Sega Ultimatum Expansion Pack. The glitches were:

  • The Dark Koopalings are Kirbys with different sizes. Fixed
  • Dark Giga Bowser looks normal and does not have any new moves. Fixed
  • Link, Megaman, Paper Mario, Paper Luigi, Cosmic Mario and Cosmic Luigi look like Marios and Luigis with different moves but same walking. Fixed
  • Red, Blue and Yellow Yoshis look like Green Yoshi with glitchy new moves. Fixed
  • Brawl Mode has no texture. Fixed
  • Cosmic Luigi is dumber than Cosmic Mario. Fixed

There are more glitches but they are fixed up in other versions of this.

  • Alpha 1
  • Alpha 2
  • Beta 1
  • Beta 2
  • Ver. 1.5
  • Ver. 2.5
  • Ver. Final.

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