Nitendo And Sega Ultimatum Expansion Pack

This is an Sucsessor of Nitendo And Sega Ultimatum which has new secret and bonus rounds and new playable characters and one of the is Megaman. There are new enemys also as well as bosses but no new mini bosses or power-ups.


Same plot dude. Go to Nitendo and Sega Ultimatum plot.


The changes are:

  • New characters: Megaman, Zelda, Toon Link, Paper Mario and Paper Luigi. Cosmic Mario and Red, Blue and Yellow Yoshis.
  • New Mode: Brawl.
  • Playable on the same consoles as it's predcessor can.
  • New cheats and 720HD to 1080HD graphics.
  • New enemys: Ultra Hazard Lakitu, Fire Bro, Dark Hammer Bro and Dark Bobomb.
  • New Bosses: Giga Ultra Hazard Lakitu and Dark King Bobomb.
  • New Final Boss: Dark Giga Bowser.
  • New moves + new effects and
  • Edited storyline.
  • More Enemys: Dark Bullet Bill, Dark Clockwork Bowsers.


  • It was releashed one month after the release dates of it's Predcessor.
  • It has climates now, making the game harder.
  • It is harder but more fun to play than it's Predcessor.
  • New Cheats are added to the game and new cheats discovered on the Neptune Z.
  • It has lots of glitches, fixed in Nitendo And Sega Ultimatum Expansion Pack Fix.

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