Ninzer Games (aka Juice Puppets) was a bootleg video game company created in 2008 and eventually shut down in 2011 due to poor sales. They released low quality bootlegged versions of popular Nintendo DS games and even made their own original games.

The Games

A list from the official Ninzer website (now taken down) had all of the games, some only available on their website.

  1. 001: Pocket Friends II (Pokemon HeartGold)
  2. 002: Racing in Italy! (Mario Kart DS)
  3. 003: Texting With Friends (hack of Pitchochat, a normally built-in feature on DS)
  4. 004: Blox (Tetris DS)
  5. 005: Cooking Mama (unchanged title)
  6. 006: 4 in a Row (Connect 4 clone; made by Ninzer themselves)
  7. 007: Pac-Man and Friends (Namco Museum DS; only game to have 2 different cover variants)
  8. 008: Jaria Sis. (hack of New Super Mario Bros. where Mario is replaced with a female character)
  9. 009: Sunny Worlds (original Ninzer title)
  10. 010: Mathematics (exclusive to website?)

Other games were also made, but they were nearly identical to their official counterparts. The only difference was that the cartridges themselves didn't have labels on them. Among these were Super Mario 64 DS, Sonic Chronicles, and others.

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