The Ninth generation of video game consoles is the current video game generation of the Fantendoverse, including consoles made by Illusion Works, Toroko (in association with Sony & Nintendo), Zeta Labs, Simple Studios, Ninkancho, Lone Planet ProductionsRevelation Heroes Entertainment and Transparent Interactive. It begun with the release of Illusion Works's Pacifico software in late 2015, making it a profitable success and dethroning its competitors (specifically Steam) on the process and with a home console released the following year. Two of the console manufacturers that were beat out by Illusion Works joined together to work, alongside Toroko, on a new video game console, entitled The V². In mid-early 2016, Ninkancho released its Display handheld with smartphone-like functionality and the ability to connect to a specialized console for home-style gameplay. Zeta Labs has made announcements of their own system, the Zeta Nebula, set to be released in 2017. Simple Studios made a departure from the tesseract consoles with the new R-Evolver. In November 2016, Lone Planet announced the Knuckleduster, which borrows some concepts from "indie consoles" of previous generations, while at the same time adapting them to a more modern gaming audience. In 2015 Transparent Interactive revealed the Glassbox, which will be released in 2017. In January 2017 the Nexus was announced, with an estimated release date of early April. In September 2017 the Centauri. In January 2021, the Nintendo Surge was announced and was released the following November.

This generation has as a major factor the interconnectivity between devices, with both the Pacifico and the Zeta Nebula being both home systems as well online hubs that can be utilized alongside other devices. The sole exception, however, is The V², which intends to be a simple dedicated system with the sole intention of being a game console.

All of the systems have recieved critical praise from their users and critics. The Pacifico was critically acclaimed by video game publications such as IGN, while both the V² and the Zeta Nebula have recieved praise by their userbase, although for different reasons.


Name Pacifico The V² Zeta Nebula The R-Evolver Display Knuckleduster Lone Planet IC Glassbox TimeStrike Neo Nexus Nintendo Surge AXE
Manufacturer Illusion Works Toroko (w/ Sony & Nintendo) Stardust Citadel Simple Studios Ninkancho Lone Planet Transparent Interactive TimeStrike Revelation Heroes Entertainment PyroPhantom Inc. Axiom Technologies
RaGE Global
Logo Pacifico Logo V2LogoSmallglow ZetaNebulaLogo REVOLVER DisplayLogo KnuckledusterNewLogo LonePlanetIC Logo Glassbox-logo TimeStrike Neo Nexus Logo2 Surge Logo 3 TBA
Release date November 5, 2015 (software)
Winter 2016 (console)
March 21, 2016 July 23, 2017 April 22, 2016 April 13, 2016 July 21, 2017 October 20, 2017 2018 March 27, 2017 Early April November 5, 2021 Q1 2018
System type Home console
Online hub
Home console Home console
Online hub
Home console
PC add-on
Handheld system
Home console controller
Smart device
Home console Handheld system
Smart device
Home console Handheld system Home Console Home video game console Home video game console
License Yes Yes No No No No No Yes No No Yes
Features 1080p / 60FPS
HD Graphics
4K HD Streaming
3D Touch
Pacifico Pro
Pacificard Functionality
Multiple controller support
Crossover-OS availability
1080p / 60FPS
HD/4K Graphics
Fallen Cloud
amiibo/NFC Functionality
Music Library functionality
1080p 60fps
Cloud-based gaming
Oculus Rift support
Interconnectivity with smartphones and PCs
Off TV play
Open source
Up to 4K
90 FPS
PC/Steam compatibility
Open source
Easy to sell games on online store
Oculus rift and VIVE support
4K (Display Box output) / 1080p
60 FPS
Display Box connectivity
Spring-loaded stereoscopic top screen
Motion controls
amiibo compatibility
Outer and inner camera
4G LTE connection
Motion control
Stereoscopic 3D touch screen
VR base for touch screen
amiibo compatibility
4G LTE connection
Holographic cameras and interface
1080p 60fps
Motion control
Classics Library
Glassbox Plus
1080 / 60FPS
HD/4K Graphics
Game Editor
Virtual Console
1080p, 60 fps
HD/4K graphics
In-Built Streaming capabilities
Cloud Saving
Classic Games Store
1080p 60fps
HD/4K graphics
Streaming capabilities
Cloud saving
Virtual Console

4G LTE Networking (with plan with AX Mobile)
(720p50fps model also available)
100GB SSD (for OS and a couple of games)
1.5TB HDD (replaceable)
AMD Radeon powered

Operating system Pacifico OS Unspecified NebulaOS Unspecified Display system software
SimpLE (available for Display Pad)
LoneOS GlassboxOS Unspecified NexusOS PhantomOS AX-OS
Digital market Pacifico Library V Market XShop Undernet 3.0 Display App Store Market Noir Glassbox Store Oyster Shop Rift Store Nintendo eShop Plus Axiom Game & Video Store