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Nintendpark is a theme-park based on Nintendo. It has a park in California, UK, Japan, and Australia, as well as Florida and Michigan.


Wariocoaster: go through a lake, underwater, as well as zooming through Wario's Woods, with an end and start at Wario's Castle Station.

Pikmini-Drop: a small children's rollercoster, it is for kids, and features a video of Pikmin 1, 2, 3, and New Play Control! It is not at the Australian or UK versions.

Star Spinner: a rare treat, the star spinner lifts 2,546 ft off the ground, and comes down into a lake. (Lake Huron in the Michigan one)

Minecart Maddness: a DKC-themed coster, MM goes over the Feild of Dreams, and into Minecart Cavern, and ends in DK Lake.


DK Lake: a lake in all versions exept Japan, where it is a wide river called DK River.

Munkey Maddness: the hill that supports Star Spinner.

Field of Dreams: a feild with Starfy statues.

Minecart Cavern: an underwater cavern.

Wario's Woods: a wood with Wario, Waluigi, Bear, and Diamond Statues.

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