Developer(s) Hammy Logooo
Publisher(s) NintendoLogo
Platform(s) PC
Release Date(s)
January 2015
Genre(s) MMORPG

Nintendoverse is an online based, massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), similar to that of Club PenguinBin Weevils and Neopets. It is a crossover of various Nintendo series.


You play as a Mii in a city. You can click on your Map to teleport to an area or check info about areas. You can find or buy Camofluffs, who act as your pets. Instead, they are your pets, who you can feed, wash, walk, play with, dress up and put to sleep. You can buy various items, such as furniture for your house, clothes for you and your Camofluffs, food and more. Nintendoverse often has special events where the area is decorated and new areas open (temporarily or permanently) known as "Events". A mascot will appear during each party, giving you a Sticker and exclusive items when you meet them.


Basic Mii LOLZ

The default Mii

Once the basics of setting up your account are done (setting username and password, confirming e-mail address), your Mii is the default one, shown on the right. You spawn in your house, where you cannot go anywhere but your Dressing Room. There, you can change some basic features such as hair, clothes and facial features. Later, you can select from a wider array of items from the various clothes shops around the city. There are also stylists, each specialising in a diffent type of hairstyle, such as ponytails, spiked-up hair, wavy hair, dying hair and more. You can also customise your personality, similar to Tomodatchi Life. This will affect your relationship with pet Camofluffs and other Miis.

Special Jobs

There are a few jobs that you can get, all paying at different rates. These jobs include Tour Guide, Construction Worker, Secret Agent, Ninja, Artist, Actor and Musician.

Sticker Book

Main article: Stickers

You can earn stickers by performing certain tasks such as meeting a mascot, adopting a Camofluff, solving a puzzle or other means. Stickers do not have much value, they are more of a personal achievement. However, there is an annual Sticker Star event where Stickers grant you access to certain areas and you can place them, similar to in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.

Player Card

When another player clicks on you or searches your name in the Friends List, your Player Card will appear. It is important to make your Player Card look nice in this sense. You can choose from various backgrounds that you have found, recieved, created or bought and a badge will appear in the top left corner. You can also choose from your collection of badges. Each week, a new badge will be hidden in the city or in the surrounding vicinity for you to find. You can view your Player Card by clicking on your Summary.





Main article: Events

Events occur frequently in Nintendoverse, normally lasting 2 weeks. There also mini-events, lasting for a maximum of 3 days.






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