The Nintendomon series, also known as Game + Pokémon, is a collaborative series based heavily upon the Pokémon series of video games, while combining aspects of other series. The name is derived from Nintendo (the company who created Pokémon, and many of the series used within the Nintendomon games), and the -mon suffix seen in the Pokémon title.


ZELDAmon (Legend of Zelda) Ochibrochi (tbc)
MOTHERmon (Mother) .snickedge (tbc)
ICARUSmon (Kid Icarus) Exotoro (tbc)
KIRBYmon (Kirby) GamingDylan (tbc)
METROIDmon (Metroid) MeGa eXal (tbc)
NESmon (NES) Arend (tbc)
DONKEYmon (Donkey Kong) Ziegs (tbc)
FINAL FANTASYmon (Final Fantasy) SuicuneRider14 (tbc)
FINAL FANTASYmon (Final Fantasy) (2) Fereleth (tbc)
FANmon (Fantendo) Hamclub13 (tbc)
Eternal Pokémon (Eternal Darkness) Mirai Moon (tbc)
MEGAmon (Megaman) Claus the Mighty (tbc)
WARIOmon (Wario) Sr.Wario (tbc)
SONICmon (Sonic) (2) AwesomeLuke (tbc)
SMASHmon (Super Smash Bros.) Qyzxf (tbc)
BIOmon (Bioshock) Vonn Karma (tbc)
COOKINGmon (Cooking Mama) LogoPlus (tbc)
SKYLANDERSmon (Skylanders) CatSerpentine (tbc)
TERRARImon (Terraria) Bostonball (tbc)
Ultimon Fire And Ice (Various Nintendo Franchises) DerpyPanda24 (tbc)
HYRULE Monsters (Legend of Zelda) Shadow Inferno (tbc)
TRAUMA CENTERmon (Trauma Center)
ULTIMATEmon (Nintendo In-General)
ZELDA: Hyrule Monsters (Legend of Zelda) Zekons (tbc)

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