Nintendogs VS. Secats is a game by PJet Inc. It's for the Wii and Sega Exodus.


You train your Nintendog (Wii) or Secat (Exodus) to play in the NINTENDO AND SEGA PET OLYMPICS against computer pets. You can also connect two Wiis together, two Exoduses together or a Wii and Exodus together to play against a friend. You get to name your pet and have up to 10 pets. There is an adoption center where you can get rid of one of your pets (DON'T!!!) or adopt a pet (DO!!!). These pets are already named, and you can't change the name later. There is a also a "Prop Shop" where you get things for your training.


Challenges your pet must learn to enter the olympics.


For Nintendogs only.


Treat Ball



Teach your Nintendog to fetch by throwing the Treat Ball a few times then a normal ball.


Pick up Ball: Move cursor over ball, press A.

Throw Ball: Pull Wiimote back, then throw.

Tell Dog to Bring Back: Move Wiimote as if patting your legs.

If failed, your Nintendog will. . .

  1. Go after ball but not bring it back.
  2. Not go after ball.

If succeeded, your Nintendog will. . .

  1. Go after ball and bring it back.

Roll Over

Nintendogs and Secats.




Teach your pet to roll over.


Pick up Toy: Move cursor over toy then press A.

Hold Toy over Pet's Head: Move cursor above Pet's head.

Tell Pet to "Roll Over": Move toy in circles.

If failed, your pet will. . .

  1. Try to grab toy.
  2. Ignore toy.

If succeeded, your pet will. . .

  1. Roll over.


Secats only.


Water bottle


Scratching Post (if chose chair)


Try to get your Secat to stop eating the food/scratching the chair and tell it to scratch the Scratching Post by spraying it.


Grab water bottle: Move cursor over bottle and press A.

Squirt: Press B.

If failed, your pet will. . .

Continue doing it.

If succeeded, your pet will. . .

Stop doing it.


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