Three versions are known, Corgi & friends, Greyhound & friends, and Golden & friends.


Three new contests are added, beauty, racing and herding. Winning the championship of any class will add a new dog to the kennel.

Disc= German Shepherd

Race=Labrador retriever


Herding=Shetland Sheepdog


Grooming=Cocker spaniel

Ted and Archie can be seen walking with there dogs on rare occasions. Meeting them Will unlock the pug (Ted) and Pomeranian (archie).


The dog hotel can now hold 22 dogs.

There will be a barter shop

New dogs

It is known that dobermans, cocker spaniels, bloodhounds, pomeranians, bulldogs, great danes and greyhounds will be added.

New items

Care:medium hare shampoo, Metallic brush

toy: Toad Kart

apperance: elf's hat (link's hat)

etc: Dinosaur doll (yoshi)

Other new features

the houses now have more than one room. the rooms are the living room, Bedroom, and kitchen.

Instead of running away dogs can get sick. If they do get sick you will have to take them to a vet. They will be gone for a few days.

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