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300px-French Bulldog Nintendog

Nintendog & Trainer Bark the Battle! This French Bulldog has been trained to fight! First the Doggie Fighter Awards, and now Super Smash Bros! This bulldog won't fight alone. It's trainer will help it with it's Smash Attacks and Specials! They are NOT a duo. The trainer is in the sidelines like the Pokemon Trainer from Brawl.


B: Bowl: The trainer will place down a bowl and the dog will eat the food. If the dog eats all of the food without being attacked, it will become slightly faster and stronger. This attack can't be spammed.
Side B: Flying Disc: The Trainer will throw a Flying Disc and the Nintendog will chase after it. If the disc hits players, they will take little damage, but they can also take damage from being bit by the dog when he jumps up and catches the frisbie. If the move is used mid-air, the dog won't chase the disc, and it won't follow it past an edge.
Up B: Balloon: A balloon will appear and the dog will hold onto it with his teeth until he slips or the balloon pops.
Down B: Trick: The trainer will give the Nintendog a treat if they rollover. If they roll over, it will do little damage to an opponent. If the dog succeeds, he will get a treat that will heal 1%. If he doesn't rollover, he will not get a treat, but will jump up to try and get it, dealing damage to anyone in the way. If the trainer tells him to play dead , he will play dead, acting as a counter. If he doesn't play dead, he won't get a treat and will constantly bark, making shockwaves!
Final Smash: Screen Time: The Nintendog will go up to the screen and scratch at it like his old assist trophy. The trainer will start attacking players with very powerful attacks and they usually can't be dodged because the Nintendog is in the way.

Pallette Swaps

Different dog breeds


Up Taunt- The trainer will pet the Nintendog
Side Taunt- The trainer will put a leash around the dog, but the dog will gnaw at it and cut it loose
Down Taunt- The Nintendog will roll over.

Victory Theme

Surprise Record - Nintendogs-201:05

Surprise Record - Nintendogs-2

Theme up until 0:07

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