Nintendo vs Fantendo Tourney Smash is a TCG-type game by YoshiEgg (tbc) that was made by him and his friends in 4th grade. It features Nintendo & Fantendo characters, as well as SEGA, Capcom, Namco, and other companie's characters battling it out in a grand tournament. The winning character gets a special emblem on their page and an appearance in an upcoming Fantendo game.


The rules are simple. A page will be set up for each match. On the page, there must be two (Or more than two, depending on the match) character pages. A character page example is shown here. There will be a system set up that represents the spinner. The spinner is a wheel that the game master (Setter-upper of the game) spins and has the 2 character's names on them. Whoever's turn it is and whichever's name it lands on recieves damage from the character who's turn it is. The person who recieves the most damage loses. There are usually two matches going on with two seperate characters. Whoever wins one match goes to battle the winner of the other match and so on. The losing characters will be out for the remainder of the tournament and will most likely appear in future matches. == Characters:==


More to come...


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