This page is about Yoyomoms idea for a crossover fighting game between Nintendo and Capcom. Each character has four designs: a basic design, an alternate design, and custom pallet swaps for those designs.


  • Mario, Dr. Mario
  • Megaman, Super adapter
  • Luigi, Mr. L
  • Protoman, Breakman
  • Bowser, Dry Bowser
  • Bass, Super adapter
  • Peach, Shadow queen
  • Roll, MM8
  • Link, Fierce deity
  • Ryu, Evil
  • Zelda, Sheik
  • Chung-Li, SFV
  • Ganondorf, Ganon
  • M. Bison, SFV
  • Tingle, Human
  • Guile, SFV
  • Venusaur, Mega
  • Demitri, Monster
  • Charizard, Mega Y
  • Morgan, Casual
  • Blastoise, Mega
  • Felicia, Redesign
  • Shulk, Bathing suit
  • Joe, Unmorphed
  • Fiora, Mecha
  • Sylvia, Unmorphed
  • Riki, Armored
  • Alister, Helmetless
  • Marth, Awakening
  • Bateson, Infinity
  • Anna, Awakening
  • Nina, Wind + Holy
  • Pit, Three sacred treasures
  • Dante, Devil trigger
  • Palutena, KI1
  • Virgil, Devil trigger
  • Donkey Kong, Punch out
  • Edward Falcon, Power Change
  • Robobot Kirby, Mike Robobot Kirby
  • Phoenix wright, AJAA design

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