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Developer(s) TheJohnStudiosLogo
Publisher(s) FantendoLogo2014Large
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii U
The V²
Release Date(s)
September 13, 2017
Genre(s) Fighting
Media Included Wii U Disc, V² Disc
Nintendo vs. Capcom: All-Star United is a upcoming crossover fighting game developed by The John Studios for the Nintendo Wii U and The V². It is basically a rebooted version of the previous Nintendo vs. Capcom incarnations. It was announced in early 2016, and is expected to be released in September 2017 Worldwide.


The gameplay is similar to the Marvel vs. Capcom series. It features 2D characters fighting opponent with 3D backgrounds. The player has to choose three characters to battle, and then fight with them, with the power to change them in middle of the battle in multiple ways. When characters switch, the incoming one performs a special attack upon entry, and the previous one can regenerate health. A new feature called "Crossover Duo Hyper Combo", where two different characters perform their own double team Hyper Combo.



  • Arcade Mode
  • Survival Mode
  • Time Attack Mode
  • Training Mode


  • VS Mode
  • Online Mode

Other Modes

  • Options
    • Volume
      • Voice
      • Sound effects
      • Music
    • Voice Switch (Japanese/English)
    • Subtitles On/Off
    • Controls

Playable Characters

It was confirmed that the roster will be 40 characters + 6 DLC characters. So far Mario and Ryu where the only characters to be confirmed.


Image Name Series
Mario Super Mario Bros.
150px-Luigi MP10
Luigi Super Mario Bros.
Peach (MP10) 7
Princess Peach Super Mario Bros.
Bowser Jr Smash Bros
Bowser Jr. Super Mario Bros.
Bowser Super Mario Bros.
Samus smash wii u png
Samus Metroid
KRtDL Kirby hi2
Kirby Kirby
Captain Falcon F-Zero
Fox McCloud Zero
Fox McCloud Star Fox
Pikachu Pokèmon
Donkey Kong (WGC)
Donkey Kong Super Mario Bros./Donkey Kong
Yoshi (MP10) 3
Yoshi Super Mario Bros./Yoshi's Island
Wario Super Mario Bros./Wario Land/WarioWare
Link CotC
Link The Legend of Zelda
Ness smash wii u
Ness MOTHER/Earthbound
Little Mac Punch-Out!!
Pit Kid Icarus
Meta Knight (WGC)
Meta Knight Kirby
250px-Mr. Game & Watch SSB4
Mr. Game and Watch Game and Watch
HW Ganondorf - Era of the Hero of Time Armor
Ganondorf The Legend of Zelda


Image Name Series
Ryu yendo alts
Ryu Street Fighter
Ken Masters Street Fighter
Chun-Li Street Fighter
Zangief Street Fighter
M. Bison Street Fighter
Chris Redfield Resident Evil
Leon S Kennedy Resident Evil 4
Leon S. Kennedy Resident Evil
Captain Commando Captain Commando
Tron Bonne Mega Man Legends
Mega Man Smash5
Mega Man Mega Man
Viewtiful Joe Viewtiful Joe
Strider Hiryu Strider
Dante Devil May Cry
Morrigan Darkstalkers
Amaterasu Okami
Batsu Rival Schools
Zero SSB4
Zero Mega Man X
Akuma Street Fighter
Plasma Sword Hayato
Hayato Star Gladiator
Saki TvC
Saki Quiz Naimaro Dreams


The number of Stages is 20 in each side.


Name Series
Mushroom Kingdom Super Mario Bros.
Bowser's Castle Super Mario Bros.
Biosphere Metroid


Name Series
Suzaku Castle Street Fighter
Shadaloo Base Street Fighter

Voice Talent

  • Charles Martinet - Mario, Luigi, Wario
  • Samantha Kelly - Princess Peach
  • Caety Sagoian - Bowser Jr.
  • Kenny James - Bowser
  • Makiko Omoto - Kirby, Ness
  • Ryo Horikawa - Captain Falcon
  • Mike West/Kenji Nojima - Fox McCloud
  • Ikue Otani - Pikachu
  • Takashi Nagasako - Donkey Kong
  • Kazumi Tokaka - Yoshi
  • Akira Sasanuma - Link
  • Matt Harty/Kosuke Toriumi - Little Mac
  • Anothony Del Rio/Minami Takayama - Pit
  • Eric Newsome/Atsushi Kisaichi - Meta Knight
  • Kyle Herbert/Hiroki Takahashi - Ryu
  • Reuben Langdon/Yuji Kishi - Ken Masters
  • Laura Bailey/Fumiko Orikasa - Chun-Li
  • Peter Beckman/Kenta Miyake - Zangief
  • Gerald C. Rivers/Norio Wakamoto - M. Bison
  • Roger Craig Smith/Hiroki Touchi - Chris Redfield
  • Matthew Mercer/Toshiyuki Morikawa - Leon S. Kennedy
  • Ryōtarō Okiayu - Captain Commando
  • Tara Platt/Mayu lizuka - Tron Bonne
  • Darrel Guilbeau/Tomozaku Seki - Viewtiful Joe
  • T.J. Storm/Yuuji Ueda - Strider Hiryu
  • Reuben Langdon/Toshiyuki Morikawa - Dante
  • Siobhan Flynn/Rie Tanaka - Morrigan
  • Bryce Papenbrook/Nobuyuki Hiyama - Batsu
  • Johnny Yong Bosch/Ryōtarō Okiayu - Zero
  • Dave Mallow/Taketora - Akuma
  • Yuri Lowenthal/Toshiyuki Morikawa - Hayato
  • Monica Rial/Michiko Neya - Saki



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