Promotional poster of the game.
Developer(s) Hybrid2
Publisher(s) FantendoHalf
Platform(s) Hybrid Fusion
Release Date(s)
Autumn 2012
Genre(s) Fighting
Media Included Hybrid Disk, Hybrid Data

Nintendo vs. Capcom is a crossover fighting game, developed by Fusion Entertainment for the Hybrid Fusion. It features Nintendo and Capcom characters fighting each other in a large amount of stages. It was confirmed in summer 2011, expected to be released in early 2012.


The game features drawn, 2D characters, also fighting in 2D stages similar to other vs. Capcom games. It's best played with the Fusion Controller, which enables to battle and fight better, doing combos easier via quick button combinations.

The player has to choose two characters to battle, and then fight with them, with the power to change them in middle of the battle in multiple ways. When characters switch, the incoming one performs a special attack upon entry, and the previous one can regenerate health. Two characters can perform special moves together, called the Combinated Finisher's. When the two characters in a team are KO'd, the battle ends. In team battles, there can be two or three players in a team, but with only one or two on each team on the screen at once unless in Single player mode.

In battle, the player can use Light Middle and Strong attacks, and various combos such as the Inferno Storm.


The game has an Arcade Mode, in which the player faces computer-controlled AI characters repeatedly until facing a Rival and then, the final boss. Time attack and Survival modes are also available, and require the player to defeat every character in the game. One of the most popular modes in the game is the VS Mode, where players can fight other friends, and the Online Mode, where players can fight people all around the world and look for friends.

Playable characters

The game features 42 playable characters from Nintendo and Capcom games, fighting each other. The roster is evenly divided between them, with 26 characters in Nintendo's side and 26 characters in Capcom's. Some characters, such as Mallow, make cameos, such as following Geno and helping him in some attacks as a duo.

Nintendo Characters

Series Image Name Description
MarioIcon MarioNvC Mario Nintendo's mascot and one of the most known heroes in the world. A famous plumber with incredible jumping and fighting abilities, who can shoot fireballs at his enemies. Better in physical combat than with projectiles, but still all-around in all senses.
MarioIcon GenoNvC Geno Geno, whose real name is ♡♪!?, is a Star Warrior sent to restore peace in the world. Taking the body of a simple wooden doll, Geno has powerful magical abilities, but is all-around, just like Mario. He is better in projectiles than his companion.
ZeldaIcon LinkNvC Link

Link, the Hero of the Time and young Hylian knight, is the main protagonist of the Legend of Zelda, and a skilled swordsman with an incredible amount of items to use. He is an expert in archery, crafting bombs, playing the Ocarina, and much more.

ZeldaIcon PrincessZeldaNvC Princess Zelda Zelda, the legendary princess of Hyrule, is ready to join with her magic powers. This time, she is appearing with her new look in Skyward Sword, and a bunch of feathery friends to help her in battles. Try to avoid her, or she may surprise you in mid-air!
File:PokémonIcon.png RedNvC Red and Pikachu Friends since childhood, this Pokémon Trainer and his little Pikachu are ready to join the battles. While Red stays away from the battle, Pikachu is a quick, fast-moving little mouse, with power over electricity. Try to avoid him, or he may make you feel shocked!
MewtwoNvC Mewtwo A legendary psychic Pokémon, Mewtwo is a balanced characters made for skilled players. With great psychic powers and big projectiles, he's for sure someone you will fear in battles!
SamusNvC Samus Aran Coming from outer space, Samus Aran, clad in her armor, is ready to fight with all her weapons. Get ready to dodge the shoots from her cannons, or you will be sent to the infinity... and beyond!

Capcom Characters

Series Image Name Description
StreetIcon RyuNvC Ryu One of the default characters, and the standard character in the Street Fighter series. Ryu is the quintessential "basic" character in fighting games with an intuitive array of punches and kicks, and very basic special moves. This simplicity makes Ryu a favorite for beginner and intermediate players.
StreetIcon ChunLiNvC Chun-Li The classic girl character of the Street Fighter series. A fast character since her first appearance, in which she appeared utilizing multiple rapid attacks rather than the slow damaging strikes of other larger characters, like Zangief. Her agile and swift movements are a favorite amongst game-players.
OkamiIcon AmaterasuNvC Amaterasu Amaterasu is the sun Goddess to all of Nippon, and the mother of Chibiterasu. Taking the form of a Wolf, she is ready to fight with the brush and bring the power of gods to the battlefield!
MegamanIcon MegamanNvC Mega Man Volnutt Mega Man is Capcom's mascot, and a powerful character. With his trusty cannon and his copy abilities, he is ready to fight, without stopping until he defeats his enemy!
GhostIcon SisselNvC Sissel Sissel is a dead guy... but he can, certainly, pack a punch. With his possessing abilities, and his manipulation of objects, you shouldn't be scared if some flying knife starts to attack you... or maybe you should, because it's possessed by a ghost!
ViewtifulIocn ViewtifulJoeNvC Viewtiful Joe Just a simple movie superhero... Well, a masked man wearing a red suit, and great powers. In the truth, just an average movie lover, he gets caught into a movie... and becomes Viewtiful Joe! But get ready... he will be sure to attack you with his martial arts!

Beta Table

Will add to the current table soon. Italics denote DLC. There are 52 characters in the game.

Nintendo Capcom
Mario Akuma
Luigi Albert Wesker
Peach Amaterasu
Bowser Arthur
Link Chris Redfield
Zelda Chun-Li
Ganondorf Crimson Viper
Pikachu Dante
Red Felicia
Mewtwo Hsien-Ko
Donkey Kong Jill Valentine
Yoshi Mike Haggar
Wario Morrigan Aensland
Kirby Nathan Spencer
Meta Knight Ryu
King Dedede Trish
Fox Zangief
Krystal Viewtiful Joe
Samus Zero
Ridley Megaman
Marth Firebrand
Captain Falcon Frank West
Little Mac Vergil
Pit Sissel
Ness Phoenix Wright
Olimar Nemesis T-Type

Assist Trophies

Assists from the Super Smash Bros. series are included. There are 10 for each side.


  • The title theme is the Super Smash Bros. Brawl theme mixed in with the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 theme.

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