The Nintendo expanded film saga is a collection of films that are connected, like the Marvel cinamatic univers, and will end in all characters meeting for a Smash Bros film. They made many films, all of which has been made by Warner Bros. (Ha! Take that, Disney!)


  • The Super Mario bros 2016 (In-development)
  • Legend of Zelda: the lost Tryforce (In-development)
  • Kirby's adventure in Dream land (In-development)
  • A D.K film (Title yet to be confermed)
  • A Star fox film (Title un-confermed)
  • Pikmen (In-development)
  • A Splatoon film (Title unkown)
  • A F-zero film (Title unkown)
  • Super Mario bros 2: Unkown threats (In-development)
  • A Pokepark film (Title unkown)
  • A Smash Bros film (Title unkown)

Rumored films:

  • A Fire Embellum film
  • A Paper Mario film.
  • A Sonic the headghog film


  • The Super Mario bros 2016 (Movie)Go to The Super Mario bros 2016 (Movie)

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