Sing all your favourite Disney Movie songs such as Friend Like Me, Under the Sea and Circle of Life! For Wii, PS2 and DS.

Playable Characters


Movie Name Song Name
Aladdin A Whole New World
Aladdin Friend Like Me
Aladdin Proud of Your Boy
Aladdin Out of Thin Air
Cinderella A Dream Is a wish your heart makes
The Lion King Circle of Life
The Lion King Just Cant Wait To Be King
The Lion King We Are One
The Little Mermaid Under the Sea
The Little Mermaid Part of Your World
The Little Mermaid Poor Unfortunate Soul
Beauty and the Beast Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast Be Our Guest
Beauty and the Beast Something There
Beauty and the Beast Belle
Tarzan Two Worlds
Tarzan Strangers Like Me
Tarzan You'll Be In My Heart
Hercules Go the Distance
Hercules Won't Say Im In Love
Hercules Zero to Hero
Alice In Wonderland The Unbirthday Song
Alice In Wonderland In A World of My Own
Brother Bear Welcome
Brother Bear Im On My Way
Treasure Planet Im Still Here
Peter Pan You Can Fly
Oliver and Co. Why Should I Worry?
Home on The Range Anytime You Need Friend
Pocahontas Colors of the Wind
Pocahontas If I Never Knew You
The Jungle Book The Bare Necessities

Story Mode

Jimmy invites everyone to the Retroville Park for a sing off, until Bowser ruins the party and steals the Best Singer Award, so everyone has to travel all over the gaming and television world to get the award back, completing challenges given to them by familiar faces.

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