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The ZeroCube is a brand new console created by both Nintendo and GameZ Inc.

Nintendo ZeroCube
Developer(s) GameZ Inc.
Manufacturer(s) Nintendo
Console Type All
Subtype(s) All
Generation 9th
Storage 6 TB
Release Date(s)
13th October 2020
Discontinued 13th October 2100
CPU intel TeslaElectricPower X56K89
GPU Nvidia DarkThunderForce W990876
Backward Compatibility 64DD, GCN, GBA, Wii, DS, DSi, Wii U, 3DS, UltraCube
Predecessor Wii U
Successor  ????


A new game made by Kirbystar247, Bejeweled - Super Smash Bros. Style, will be released!


  • Stunning 2160p HD graphics
  • Backward compatibility: GameCube, Wii, Wii U
  • Achievements: The more achievements you get, the more APs you'll earn. If you have at least 600 APs, you can enter a minigame called "Duck Hunt HD" which is pratically Duck Hunt. You will be faced in endless rounds of Duck Hunt. The higher your score, the better your reward. If you shoot 1500 ducks or more, you will be given a Discount Card: it will lower the price of a game in the eShop by 15%. If you complete 3000, it will be 30%. If you do 10000, you will get 3 free NES games. However at 600 it gets very hard, so better train and train with the original Duck Hunt.
  • Handheld Cartidrges can now be played on the big screen: from GB to 3DS.
  • Free OST: When you buy a game, its OST will be automatically downloaded in the OST Channel. You can listen to it when you are playing a game.
  • more to be added...


From the eShop you can download:

  • Digital Edition games
  • Virtual Console games
  • ZeroWares
  • DLCs
  • Channels
  • Updates


CPU: intel Delta 20XY

GPU: Nvidia Omega 20XX

MEMORY: 750 GB- 1.5 TB - 6 TB for games


Here are the 3 main bundles.

Basic Bundle ($250, €200)

  • Nintendo ZeroCube console (750 GB for games, 2 TB in total)
  • Nintendo Zero Controller
  • Nintendo Zero Controller Z
  • Controller Charger
  • ZeroCube Gamepad
  • WiiMote+Nunchuk

Pro Bundle ($350, €300)

  • Nintendo ZeroCube console (1.5 TB for games, 6 TB in total)
  • 2 Nintendo Zero Controllers
  • 2 Nintendo Zero Controllers Z
  • Internet Cable
  • Controller Charger
  • ZeroCube Gamepad
  • Nintendo Land: The Sequel
  • WiiMote+Nunchuk
  • GCN Controller
  • Wii Pro Controller
  • Wii U Pro Controller

Ultimate Bundle ($450, €400)

  • Nintendo ZeroCube console (6 TB for games, 20 TB in total)
  • 6 Nintendo Zero Controllers
  • 6 Nintendo Hyper Controllers Z
  • Internet Cable
  • Controller Charger
  • ZeroCube Gamepad
  • Nintendo Land: The Sequel
  • WiiMote+Nunchuk
  • Headphones
  • GCN Controller
  • Wii Pro Controller
  • Wii U Pro Controller
  • Handheld Adapter

UGR Universal Game Rating

The UGR is the new rating system which rates exclusively Nintendo games. It replaces the PEGI and ESRB, and is present in all countries.

  • UGR 3 (Very Rare)
  • UGR 5 (Rare)
  • UGR 7 (Rare)
  • UGR 12+ (EXTREMELY Common)
  • UGR 15 (Very Common)
  • UGR 18 (Quite Rare)
  • UGR MATURE: Extremely rare. This appears in games with drugs, bad language, bad violence, gambling and/or sex and/or fear. Total of games with this rating: 3.


Color Variants/Themes


Original White

Dark Grey

Fire Red


Water Blue

Leaf Green

Atomic Purple


Smash Ball


Original Project Grey


Original White

All controllers


All controllers


All Pro Controllers

Black with Triforces

TOuch Gamepad

Black with Smash Balls

Touch Gamepad







Meta Knight


Confirmed Games

Look here.

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