Nintendo ZGP
Developer(s) ZGP
Console Type Home Console
Virtual Console
ZGP Store
Motion Sensor Mode
Mii Maker
Friend List
System and 3D Settings
Backward Compatibility Wii, Gamecube, 3DS and Nintendo 64
Forward Compatibility None

Nintendo ZGP is a console developed by ZGP. This is the first console to support more than two consoles as backward compatibility (excluding Virtual Console). Like the 3DS, there can be 3D Effects that can be controlled by the ZGP Remote (see below for more information) and can be restricted in the 3D Setting menu. The Virtual Console section store your purchased VC Games purchased from the ZGP Store.


The Nintendo ZGP supports Wii Remotes, N64 Controllers and GCN Controllers. Many games support these controllers. An additional feature of the console is where a 3DS cartridge can be played. The 3DS can be used to control by connecting using the 3DS-2-ZGP cable sold separately. Like the Kinect, the ZGP can detect movement for body-motion games like Mario Kart: Double Dash!! The Sequel!

The ZGP Remote

The ZGP Remote can control the 3D depth of the screen and it's essential to use at the Program Selection Screen. The remote can also be used to select game modes in-game.

The Controller

The controller is sort of the same as the Gamecube Wavebird controller, and can support Wii and GCN controllers and N64 controllers using the N64-GCN Cable provided in the console package. In addition, the system can allow you to connect the 3DS Handheld to the console. The Controller of the ZGP has the following Buttons:

  • A Button
  • B Button
  • Y Button
  • X Button
  • C Analogue Stick
  • C Right
  • C Left
  • C Up
  • C Down
  • L Button
  • R Button
  • D-Pad
  • Analogue Stick
  • Start Button
  • Turbo Button
  • Un-Turbo Button
  • Z Button
  • Select Button
  • Reset System Button
  • Home Button
  • Eject Button
  • Power Button
  • Volume Control

This controller has the most buttons on any controller ever.

Games for the Console


Scrapped Games

  • Super Mario 3D Land 2
  • Paper Luigi and the 5 Toads.

Virtual Console Games

Game Prices:

  • NES: £1.50-£2.40 ($2.33-$3.70)
  • SNES: £1.50-£2.50 ($2.33-$3.88)
  • GB: £1.25-£2.25 (GB VC Games are not planned for release in America/Australia)
  • GBC: £2.65-£4.15 ($4.11-$6.45)
  • GBA: £1.25-£2.25 ($1.94-$3.49)
Game Platform Price
Super Mario Bros. Nintendo Entertainment System £2.40 ($3.70)
Dr. Mario Nintendo Entertainment System £1.50 ($2.33)
Super Mario Kart Super Nintendo Entertainment System £1.50 ($2.33)
Yoshi's Cookie Super Nintendo Entertainment System £2.50 ($3.88)
Donkey Kong Game Boy £1.25
Wario Land II Game Boy £2.25
Mario Golf Game Boy Colour £2.65 ($4.11)
Wario Land 3 Game Boy Colour £4.15 ($6.45)
Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 Game Boy Advance £1.25 ($1.94)
Mario Kart: Super Circuit Game Boy Advance £2.25 ($3.49)

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