Developer(s) Nintendo
Manufacturer(s) Zen Studios
Product Family DS, xWC
Console Type Handheld
Backward Compatibility Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, all Zen OS games.

Nintendo ZDS is a handheld console manufactured by Zen Studios and developed by Nintendo.


The ZDS is a handheld console that plays both Zen OS games and xDS games. It was made to resemble the DS consoles, as well as the Zen design.

The controls are the same as Zenze and Zen Tab's, but rearranged to best fit the console.

The console has 64GB of memory and Wi-Fi connectivity. It plays games in cartridges and also downloaded games.

The console runs a modified version of Zen OS, called Zos.


  • The console was named "Project: DS" during development.
  • Originally, there were ideas for a VR headset, but it was finally settled to make another member of the DS family.

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