All our dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them!
...What if something appears that shouldn't? You either dismiss it, or you accept that there is much more to the world than you think...
Walt Disney and Shigeru Miyamoto
Nintendo X Disney
Developer(s) Icy Cold Gaming Industries, Nintendo, Disney
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
November 15, 2015
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Free-roam, platformer
Successor Nintendo X Disney: The Blot's Return
 "Nintendo X Disney" or "Nintendisney" is a platformer-free roam game on the Wii U. It'll be developed by Icy Cold Gaming Industries, Disney, and Nintendo, and published by Nintendo. It'll be released on November 15, 2015, in America, November 12th in Europe, and November 2 in Japan. The game is said to connect both Disney-related and Nintendo-related properties into one game. It has also been comfirmed that there will tag teams, compatible with eachother. Later, in August, it was revealed that third party characters would be joining Nintendo's side, revealing Sonic, Wonder Red, and Shantae for Nintendo, and Spider-Man, Han Solo, and Wolverine for Disney.

The game has a sequel in progress.


Like Zelda games, the game is mostly free-roam. You and your partner have a chance to explore the world together, talking to NPC's, fighting enemies, gaining items, and having a good time. It also adds in a bit of Donkey Kong 64, with platforming being key element to the gameplay.

There are many modes, going in this order: Story, Free-Roam, Online, Boardgame Boardwalk, and the Hall Of Trivia.

Story Mode has you and other characters facing off against The Blot and The Shadow Queen, two evil beings who want to merge both the Nintendo dimension and the Disney dimension together to cause chaos.

Free-Roam is where you can explore the vast world of Story Mode, with the ability to switch enemies on or off. It's a great way to train, but there are some places you can't access until you beat that location in Story Mode.

Online is where you race against other people's Mii's in 12 different tracks to race on. 6 are themed after Nintendo, and 6 are themed after Disney.

Boardgame Boardwalk is where you play different minigames. Some are for fun, some give you money or items, and some involve bosses. Beat them all to play...PINBALL PANIC!!!

The Hall Of Trivia is special. Throughout Story Mode and Boardgame Boardwalk, you'll collect toys or slips of paper. These go into the Hall Of Trivia, which contains rare items and toys from Disney and Nintendo, along with a few scenes from their best games and movies.

Story Mode


Playable Characters

Image And Name Description Default Or Unlockable?


The Most Popular, Mario and MickeyMario

These two are the most popular characters. Mario can use fireballs, his Cat Suit, Koopa Shells, and Boomerangs. Mickey can use Paint and Thinner, living brooms, his Jalopy, and even black-and-white farm animals. These two are default.

Goofy-4 The Second Banana's, Luigi and Goofy

Luigi render by znkhucast-d78bvo2mine

While they share the other's spotlight, they're still as important as ever! Luigi uses all the moves Mario doesn't, such as the Green Missile, the Frog Suit, and Iceballs! Goofy can use his hat as a grabbing weapon, and use regular cartoon gags! These two are default.

Projectm-link-ocarinaThe Kokiri and The Lost Boy,

Link and Peter PanPeter Pan

We have to thank Disney's Peter Pan. His design and more inspired Link's overall design and features! Link uses the Boomerang, the Master Sword, and bombs, while Peter Pan can fly, use a knife, and slap with a codfish.

These two are default.


The Two In The Fast Lane,

F-Type and Lightning McqueenLightning McQueen Cars 2

Unlike Lightning, the F-Type isn't all that recent. But, oh well. Both aren't the best fighters, as they are, you know, cars. But us enough speed, and some enemies will be rammed into, resulting in a one hit KO! These two are default.


Two Fierce Females,

Samus and MulanTransparent samus other m

They may be girls, but that doesn't mean they aren't tough! Mulan can use her athletic abilities, a Chinese Sword, and fireworks. Samus can shoot out of her arm cannon, drop bombs, and roll into a Morph Ball! These two are default.

250px-Donkey Kong SSB4

Brutes With Big Fists,

Donkey Kong and RalphWreck-It Ralph

These brutes have big hands and bigger hearts! Donkey Kong can throw DK Barrels, punch, and even use Rambi. Ralph can grab Nicelanders and throw them, throw Gobstoppers, and obviously WRECK IT!!! These two are default.


The Old-Timers,

Mr. Game And Watch and OswaldMrGame&Watch

Oswald and Mr. Game and Watch. The first of their kind. Oswald can use his remote control, take off his leg, and use his ear as a boomerang. Mr. Game and Watch can use his bell, his  These two are unlockable.